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Friday, September 18, 2015

five on Friday | getting back in the swing of things

Happy Friday, y'all!


I am SO ready to get back into my clothes after wearing the same 5 things over the last month. I'm not quite to my pre-pregnancy size yet but I can definitely wear a lot of normal sized tops (except now I have to think about how it will work with breastfeeding) and I'm chomping at the bit to get some new clothes!

I found this shop via instagram a few weeks ago and am in LOVE with their stuff. I went ahead and ordered this floral top in a grey color (sold out now) and I can't wait to wear it. I tried it on when I was 40 weeks pregnant and it was a straight up tent, haha! But really, I can't wait to wear it with some skinny jeans and the absence of a giant belly! I'm putting a ton of their other items on my wish list too! Check them out: the happy goose


I seriously cannot believe we are about to launch into the holiday season. The last 9 months of this year I've been 90% baby brain and I feel like I completely skipped over the summer. We're coming up on fall now! 

I love fall and Halloween but I'm debating how much I want to decorate this year. I'm still subscribing to the idea of nesting with this little one but I can't completely skip out on Halloween decorations! I'm thinking it may be in the cards for this weekend. 

Here is some of my decor from last year:


This seems super excessive now that I look at it, but I tried to take a bump picture every week and almost every workday throughout my pregnancy. I wanted to remember the progression and the growth of this little boy inside my stomach (that I already miss a teeny tiny bit). These were the informal version of my bumpdates and I know I'll love looking back on this collage in the days and years to come.


I'm planning on writing out my birth story but I'm a little nervous about doing so. It isn't gory or disturbing at all, and I would totally use good judgment about what details to share and what to leave out. I just know some people despise birth stories and I would hate to turn anyone away! I planned to keep it PG-13 which means being honest about things that happened but not giving too many descriptions about those certain things. I mean, I would write it knowing lots of family and friends would be reading so surely I would keep it light! What are your thoughts? Am I the only crazy one that loves reading birth stories?


We are entering the holiday season soon and it's the perfect time to be thankful for our friends and family. Let me tell you, the support and kind words that Mark and I have received from our friends, family, and even people we don't know on the internet has been overwhelming. We have felt so much love over these last nine months of pregnancy as well as over the last week and a half since we welcomed baby Beau into our family. We are so grateful for all the love we have been shown. So thank YOU!!!

You can find me linking up with April , this lovely lady (and super fun blog!)Jennie, and Rebecca! So fun! Happy Friday friends!

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