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Friday, September 4, 2015

five on Friday | sitting, waiting, wishing

The motivation and the optimism around here is at an all-time low. I'm sorry, you guys! If you're counting, you now know I'm 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Yep. Hey, I said I thought I would go late, and I'm always right, so who's really surprised?

I've really enjoyed the last week of being a stay at home wife but I'm super eager to transition that into stay at home mom status. The days are a little harder when you're uncomfortable and yearning to meet your baby!

Nonetheless, I'm alive over here and to prove it, here are some thoughts from the week:


I was too lazy to take an official 40 week bump picture but I snapped this one on the day of. My sister, mom, and niece came over to keep me company on the official due date and the day wasn't entirely disappointing - we discovered a new tasty pizza place nearby! Not all was lost. (and I enjoyed the family time and spending an hour going through baby's closet!)


I would have never guessed that I'd be at Target buying this the day after my son's due date...

(on sale, duh)

...but I considered it a 'prize' for the little girl previously mentioned that did this within 5 minutes of arriving at my home:

milk=spilled. I'm going to have to learn to expect/prepare for these things since I'm having a child any day now, but at least I'm prepared for any clumsy toddlers now! All nieces are now welcome to a drink at my house. ;)


The internet is joining the ranks of things that annoy me lately. The Bump has been telling me for WEEKS to 'update my pregnancy status'. Here's an update for you: nothing has changed. 

Then, I got this email from Huggies yesterday and cursed them under my breath:



I succumbed to pressure (my own) and headed out early on Tuesday to shop the 75% off sale at Divine Consign, yet another consignment sale I'm really into. It was crazy, y'all. I bought another 30 outfits but this time averaged $1 per item. Some things were 25 cents! Mark has now cut me off from clothes shopping...but that's ok because we all know baby has TONS of cute clothes now!


We've been doing lots of these lately just trying to get things moving. I foresee lots more of them in my near future until baby comes! C'mon little one!!!

So that's that. Sitting, waiting, wishing. I'm ready to meet my boy! 

I'll be back next week with the perfect appetizer recipe for Fall and hopefully a baby announcement! Y'all be praying for us! And happy Friday!!!
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