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Monday, September 14, 2015

Settling in and catching up

Is it Monday?

I've completely lost track of the days and sometimes the time over the last several days. I wonder why...

Anyway, I promise this blog will not turn into 100% baby talk about Beau, but the last 6 days of my life have been 100% baby. I know some people are coming here just for baby updates (some people=mom and dad) and there have been LOTS of pictures taken over the last several days so please forgive me while I share these!

Mark, Beau, and I are all settled in at home and adjusting to life as a 3 person family. Our days consist of eating, sleeping, and pooping, just like they all say. Our hospital stay was nice while it lasted, but we came home on Thursday. Here are some pictures I left out from our time in the hospital and return home:

Beau meets his Nana, Pandy, and Aunt Gigi

Haha (dubbed by our nephew Luke who couldn't say Grandpa) visits Beau on Wednesday!

Nana brought Mamie, my sister's mother in law, on Wednesday morning.

Mommy and Beau settled into our post-partum room!

We love snuggles and always get sleepy!

Multi-tasking already! We had a 'gourmet meal' of lobster and steak at the hospital on Wednesday night.

Beau and I caught up on some blogs while we were in the hospital

We barely squeezed into our coming home outfit!

Ready to head home!

Beau was a trooper in the car seat. Not a peep out of him!

Arriving home!

My mom stayed with us the first two nights and snapped these photos of us as we came in. Flowers were from Gibi (Grandma Buchanan, Mark's mom)!

We're home!!! Off on this new adventure...

Happy Monday!
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