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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Beau Andrew - one week

Beau Andrew - one week old

-lost 10.5 oz and then gained 13.5 oz, all within his first 6 days of life! This puts him at 9lbs 10oz at 6 days old
-LOVES mommy's milk
-HATES diaper and outfit changes
-prefers to be on his tummy, snuggled up on someone's chest
-switched between newborn and size 1 diapers and then went back to newborn...for now
-grew out of his coming home outfit before he was even born (seen in photos), so he's already gotten all the wear out of that!
-wearing a few newborn items (mommy didn't buy him much in anticipation of a big baby) and lots of 0-3 month outfits, depending on the brands
-enjoys sleeping in his rock n' play with the vibration on or the mamaroo on "car ride" mode
-loves car rides and the snugness of his car seat
-prefers MAM brand pacifiers but isn't dependent on them
-eats about every 3 hours with the exception of the crazy time between 10pm and 2am
-longest break between eating has been 4 hours, from 5am to 9am - it was wonderful!
-typically falls asleep while eating and never wants to wake up to burp
-hates being tightly swaddled but we put him in the miracle swaddle blanket at 2am on his first night home and haven't looked back. He loves it!
-most people say he looks like mommy from the nose up but some say he has Mark's nose. I think he also has Mark's mouth and chin. We're not sure where the chunk came from, but it definitely wasn't from Mark's side (he was 6lbs 13oz)

We are SO in love with this baby boy and can't imagine life without him!

(I promise I'll cut baby posts down to about one a week but for now let me get it out of my system!)
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