wonderfully made: snow, strawberries, and SHOES!

Monday, March 2, 2015

snow, strawberries, and SHOES!

Last week and this weekend were a little out of whack because of the winter weather we experienced in Texas. Monday, Tuesday, and Friday all brought either ice or snow, and with that came CRAZY traffic...

This was my view from my office.

We closed our office down at 2 so I made the trek back home and was happy to get home to this cozy, snowy place!

Although I've been super lucky to miss the morning sickness part of pregnancy, I haven't felt 100% all of the time. I did absolutely nothing on Saturday, all day, except play on my phone and think of things that I should be doing. I gathered up all the 'feel good' I had left in me on Saturday night and Mark and I went down to Dallas for dinner with friends. It was delish and I even got some mac and cheese to take home. :)

One big thing on our to-do list is to reorganize and revamp all of our closets. We have existing elfa shelving but we need to make the best of the space so we'll be adding in some more storage. I went to Target on Sunday and I am thinking something like this unit below:

Also, I'm totally convinced I'm cursed. I wrote here about my shopping habits and how I always tend to have a shopping drought followed by a shopping flood. Well, at Target (duh) I found these shoes and just about died.

I texted a couple of girlfriends and told them I had to pick ONE because I couldn't buy both. I ended up going for the black and brown simply because I'll probably get more wear out of them.

As I was waiting for the replies from my friends, I found 3 more pairs that I wanted. Gah!!! Why do I find ALL of the things I want to buy at once?!

I bought these :)

Um, hi!?!

Perfect for summer! I love the olive and navy!

I have these, and LOVE them!

Ok, um, hi. This is awkward, but, YOU WILL BE MINE!

I also treated myself to a new throw for our couch. It's ivory and textured and soft and I love it!

Another one of my Target purchases from February is growing right along. I got this little strawberry growing kit in the dollar section and I'm proud to say that they are actually growing!

Snow one day, dreary the next. 

So that was our weekend! Laziness and Target...sounds about right!

Happy Monday, all!

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