wonderfully made: Mondays with no internet and springtime

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mondays with no internet and springtime

Happy Monday! Again...

Our weekend was wondrously wide open, just the way I like it. We started it off at one of our favorite restaurants nearby, Urban Rio. It's a sister-restaurant to Urban Crust, a pizza place I've spoken about MANY times. If you're in the area and love fajitas, you have to try Urban Rio because they have THE BEST fajitas ever. YUM!

We woke up Saturday to the lovely reminder that I had switched our internet provider and our previous service had been cut off. Let me just stop here and say that I HATE ALL INTERNET PROVIDERS. If you or someone you know works for at&t or Time Warner Cable, please tell me how to get around all the tomfoolery they 'offer'. As of today, there is a strong possibility we will not have internet until NEXT Saturday. So, yeah. I'm currently sitting in Panera watching Mark study and using their super-slow internet. I did, however, get some mac and cheese out of the deal, so we're even for now.

After Mark got over the worst news of his life (the internet being down), we spent the weekend switching between blissful laziness and home organization. We have a lot to do before baby gets here which includes a total re-org of all of our closets so we did a little of that. I also did a little flower shopping and spruced up the inside and outside to welcome in the warmer weather (82 degrees this week, y'all!!!) 

Overall, I've loved our pared-down technology weekend and I feel great about all that we got done. Anyway, enough of my talking, here's what we accomplished in pictures!

Green! And colors! And flowers!


After...with lots of room for baby clothes!

The office closet was taken over by Mark...for now.

TJ's got me...Texas bag, flowers, and all!

I knew I saved these Dr. Pepper bottles for something good! 

My new lavender plant is sitting pretty over there in the corner...

Here we are again, Monday. I hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week ahead!

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