wonderfully made: Baby Buchanan's gender reveal party

Monday, March 9, 2015

Baby Buchanan's gender reveal party

My weekend was full of emotion and family time as my sister and mom hosted a gender reveal party for our little one!

I was a ball of nerves and anxiety (not sure why!) during the party so I didn't take any pictures, but as they filter in from other people I'll try to remember to post them! (as promised-I added some pictures from my sister at the bottom!)

Before the party!

These are our excited faces...

My mom and sister (and other helpers) did a great job at decorating and planning fun games and we loved seeing our family come together to love on our little one! There were name suggestions, guesses on the gender, and trivia games that entertained us all before the big event - cutting the cake!

Neither Mark or I had any strong feelings as to what this little one was, but he was going with girl and I flip-flopped and by the time of the party, was going with boy (even though we wore the opposite colors...Mark didn't have pink and I felt we should equally represent the genders so as not to appear biased!) We cut the cake about an hour into the party and here's what that was like...

A boy!!! I've watched the video over and over again for my reaction, the crowd's reaction, and especially Mark's reaction. He can be pretty reserved but for a split second the BIGGEST grin came across his face. He won't admit it publicly, but there were some tears coming from his side! He is SOOOO happy to get a little sidekick!

no pressure!

love my dad's reaction! haha!
We are so so SO happy to be blessed with a son and we are looking forward to all of the joys of raising a boy! To make everything more 'real', we headed out to run some errands on Sunday and my intention was to buy one tiny little boy thing to commemorate the event. That turned into us each buying one thing...and then Mark talked me into the rest. I couldn't believe it! He is usually pretty stingy and hates shopping but he really wanted to get all of this...and I thought a girl would be expensive! Of course, if you know me, you know we got all of it on sale!

So in the meantime, I'm pinning like a crazy person and planning this little one's nursery. 

Oh yeah, and we're trying to decide on a name! We had a girl name picked out but hadn't settled on a boy name yet. Naming a child is HARD, y'all! We get within a few names but then we can't just settle on something. It's driving me pretty crazy and I *might* have had a meltdown yesterday morning because this little jumping bean inside of me doesn't have a name yet, but I know it will come and when it does, it will be good! Secrets, secrets though, because we are going to keep that name between the two of us until this little guy is born! We want to keep a little suspense going!

For now, just keep up with me on instagram and Pinterest as I go into crazy momma overdrive over our little boy. Love him SO much already!!!

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