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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

overturned jury | the saga of the kitchen window

Well, y'all, the jury has turned. 

Ages and ages and AGES ago, I wrote about my love for a window. An orange-framed window, to be specific. I found this image on Pinterest and it's STILL one of my favorite design details. I realllllly wanted to paint our kitchen window frame but knew that was super risky. I finally compromised and painted the area around the window instead; something that could easily be painted over. 

Three years later, I've had my red-orange fun and I was ready for a clean slate. I went back to neutral for the kitchen and painted the area around the window the same as our kitchen (and living room and hall, for that matter. Dolphin Fin by Behr, if you're wondering). The change is refreshing and I love that now I can add flowers and other things for that pop of color I always crave. 


I especially love that now, the window doesn't compete with my new faaaavvvoorrrittee focal point: my welcome sign (with the most charming floral garland ever). :)

I always like a little change; it's fun to shake things up! I was super surprised at the several family members that said they liked the red-orange touch and that they missed it. What about y'all, what do you prefer?

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