wonderfully made: Easter essentials for baby Beau

Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter essentials for baby Beau

I'll admit it. I had Beau's Easter outfit picked out ($1.50 at Divine Consign) and was ready to call it done for the holiday. He's six months old and as much as I want to go all out and make the holidays all sorts of special, I just don't always see the point if he doesn't understand that it's a special day. However, after feeling a little mom guilt and talking to friends and family, I decided I would put together a little basket of things for him. 

Everything I found are all things that he needs/uses and things that I would pick up on a normal day at the store anyway - but this way I've made it something special. I actually really enjoyed putting his Easter basket together!

Here's what I picked up:

Munchkin spoons (similar) - with Cartwheel discount
Easter socks (found in the Dollar Spot)
Reese's Pieces Carrot - too cute to pass up and mostly for Mom and Dad (or you can do the old classic)
Lots of Links - perfect timing so he won't lose his toys in the stroller!

I added a little grass from the Dollar Spot (not pictured) and plopped everything in this basket my sister had on hand. Nothing beats free hand me downs! I do want to get him a nicer basket for the coming years, but I didn't want to rush into it this year. This one is super cute and I almost picked it up but decided free was best (even though they were marked down to $3 when I was there last). :)

 Just for fun, I pulled together some last minute Easter things that make me happy:

I also scrambled to find a sweater for Beau for Sunday since the high is in the low 60's and rainy for us. Why are all Easter outfits meant for warm weather? I feel like we always end up freezing, every year. 

Anyway, I found a white sweater that will work perfectly for him on Kidizen. It's an app I use during the consignment off-season to find cute clothes for half the price. Sign up with my code (bgc3r) and we are both entered to win a $100 gift card! I'll post pics of Beau in his Easter getup next week, promise!

I hope you have a great weekend and a happy Easter!

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