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Monday, March 14, 2016

party time | jody's bachelorette

Last weekend we (myself and two of Jody's bridesmaids) threw a bachelorette party for my friend and former college roommate Jody.

With lots of fun things to do in Fort Worth, we opted to play and stay on that side of the metroplex. The majority of the girls were from out of town so accommodations were necessary. As great as Fort Worth is, the hotels there don't garner enough of a crowd to have large (affordable) suites where we could gather all of the girls together in one place for part of the night. So, we decided to turn to Airbnb and booked this perfect little home about a mile from all the action.

Our host Abigail was the nicest person ever and was very accommodating. Not only did the house allow us to gather our group of girls easily, but Abigail was 100% flexible with our check-in and check-out times. Getting into the house was a breeze and checking out was just as easy. 

The house was the perfect fit for Jody's personality and it was easy to bring in a few fresh flowers and decor to spruce it up just for the bride. The master bedroom and bathroom were a DREAM and all we could talk about was that we would rather take a bath in the tub than go out for the evening. It was perfection.

The day was spent doing yoga in the park, relaxing over wine and appetizers at Times Ten Cellars, dinner and a lingerie shower at the house, and then an evening out on the town. 

It was a special weekend celebrating one of my favorite friends. Congratulations and best wishes to Jody and Matt!

If you've never tried Airbnb, use this link to check it out and get $20 off your first trip!
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