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Monday, March 21, 2016

these days...and the best picture EVER

Life around here has been quiet, but busy. 

Mark has been working late every night. I've been battling allergies for about two weeks, and struggling to cope with a baby and a house to take care of! In the few moments I have felt good, I've done the essentials like get my hair done and check off a few to-do's from my list. Life hasn't been super exciting, but here are a few things we've been up to:


We've played hide and seek and peekaboo. 

We've started nightly meals and have tried banana, avocado, sweet peas, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, mangoes, and peaches. There was a possible reaction to sweet peas so those are out of the picture for awhile...and mangoes have gotten the best response. 

I remembered to put him in his Ireland bib (straight from Ireland from his Aunt Gigi!) on Saint Patrick's day!

and of course I have to mention these awesome bibs from my friend Morgan, too. #shoutout

New hair: check.

to-do item: check.

I finally framed Mark's scrub shirt with Beau's newborn footprints on it! And I didn't cry at all...

We visited Daddy at work and brought him a sandwich for a late night. 

We got a couple of new toys and put them through preliminary testing. ;)

We played with SnapChat filters (I've had snapchat for HOW LONG and I just figured out how to do the extra filters?!? #oldladystatus #waybehind) (and follow me at buchanandiana if you want more ridiculousness)

AND...we took quite possibly THE BEST face swap photo ever. 

I mean....Mark's face on my head?!?!?! It doesn't even look fake! He looks like he is a cast member on The Princess Bride! Or my sister said he looked like he was "on pot". I laughed and then cried for a really, really long time about this photo. It's so good. I die. 


So that's what's up these days! I'll be back to fill you in on what we're doing this week (because we've got big plans and are going to power through my allergies) as well as our plans for our trip this summer! Yay! Happy Monday!

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