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Monday, February 29, 2016

weekend recap | shop, shop, shop!

Well that went fast!

It was a good weekend spent hanging around town and heading to one of my very favorite consignment sales! 

We were lazy on Saturday morning and after Mark took a walk with Beau and played a bit, we headed out to a local nursery to look at some trees. 

We ended up deciding to just get some medicine for a tree that is diseased (hopefully that works) and I got to pet this sweet kitty!

After a nice nap, I headed out to dinner with friends before we headed to the first BIG consignment sale of the Spring - Divine Consign. I'm going to do a separate post about consignment sales because they are SUCH a big part of mommyhood, but check out my haul!!!

It was a great sale and it was fun seeing a few mom-to-be friends enjoy it too. Check back later this week for more tips about shopping consignment. 

Beau is fitting into size 3 and 4 shoes (since his left foot is a lot bigger than the other) and while it's a little sad, I'm also over. the. moon. because he can finally wear these converse!!! Horrible picture - but here he is sporting his chucks at church right before he fell asleep on Mark's shoulder. :)

Mark's one request from the consignment sale was a door jumper and it was one of the first things I found! It is in perfect condition and Beau had a blast jumping on Sunday afternoon! We will have to make a few modifications for this tall boy, but he was such a cutie bouncing around in his new toy!

Happy Monday!
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