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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

beau andrew | six months

six months. half of a year. I can't even believe it!

I think I've been secretly dreading this milestone for the past, well, six months. It just sounds so big! Six months is when everything starts moving. He'll be crawling soon. And talking...and then walking. We have to feed him now. I mean, something other than breastmilk. I just don't think I am ready!!!

This boy is the light of our lives. He is growing and moving so much. This is what Beau is up to...

He is:

-sitting up by himself (with me close by - he still falls over often)
-rolling from front to back often, but prefers to roll to his left.
-using his hands constantly. always finding his paci, grabbing our cups, or going after my phone.
-playing with tons of toys on his tummy for long periods of time
-loving both of his jumpers and sometimes likes to jump in our laps too
-21 lbs, 5 oz and 28.25" long. He is a big boy, in the 97th percentile with no sign of slowing down.

-wearing 12 month and some 18 month clothing. I don't shop for anything under 12 months and have a lot of 24 month clothing that I think I'll need to pull out pretty soon!
-still in size 3 diapers but I'm wondering if I should go up to size 4. He's still well within the weight limit but he tends to leak out every time he poops...haha 
-sleeping from 8 or 9pm to 3am (always!) and then sleeps again for another 3-5 hours. 

-sleeping unswaddled (yay!) after a rough go at sleep for about a month.
-still loving daddy the most, at all times. He is on his BEST behavior for him!
-eating small amounts of real food. He has tried pureed butternut squash, bananas, and a whole piece of honeydew. He LOVED the honeydew, was okay with the bananas, and hated the squash. We're starting foods full force now!

(he was looking way too big in those shorts!)

-getting up on his knees and toes just once or twice now, showing small signs of getting in the crawl position. 
-still not rolling from back to front. That's a lot of weight to move around!
-babbling constantly and wanting to be ON mommy when he is clingy.
-understanding the sign for 'hungry' and 'milk', as shown by his sheer excitement when I sign them to him and subsequently feed him.

-finding his feet more often! He gets his right foot to his mouth sometimes and loves to play with them.
-growing out of his mamaroo...the weight limit is 25 lbs!
-taking a good nap every afternoon. We are SO close to having a schedule down, it's weird how it has kind of happened naturally. He is napping on his tummy and he gets almost a full two hours in the afternoon.

This boy is seriously such a joy to have around. There are times where I am frustrated or tired or need a break and not an hour goes by before I'm excited to see him again. He is a happy boy and everyone we meet comments on his happy disposition. It is bittersweet watching him grow up so fast before my eyes. On one hand, he is becoming more of an individual with every passing day and that is exciting. On the other hand, he is growing out of being my very first baby and that is so sad to me! Overall, I'm just excited to watch him grow and experience life with him. He's kind of the best. :) We love you, Beau Andrew!!!

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