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Monday, March 28, 2016

Beau's first Easter | double the fun

Beau's first Easter was a HIT. 

The weather turned out to be really nice and the day was just as good. We ended up getting to see both sides of our family on Sunday (we usually trade off years) so we got double the grandparents, double the aunts and uncles, double the cousins, and double the fun!

We headed to my sister's house first for lunch with her in-laws and my parents and, of course, a visit from the Easter bunny.

Nice, Jimmy.

Beau and his cousins Audrey and Noah.

Trying to schmooze Noah for some candy.

After a quick stop at home, we headed up to McKinney for dinner (and more Easter bunny fun) at Mark's sister's home.

When did my two oldest nephews start looking so big?!

Our 'northern' cousins - Luke, Mason, and Griffin.

They're a crazy bunch!

The lighting in this one is weird but I liked the sentiment. :)

We had a great Easter and hope you did too! 

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