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Monday, February 10, 2014

Let there be light!

I never once thought that one day I would be the one giving Mark sad puppy eyes in Home Depot in order to get my way. But I was that person. 

Here's why:

Yes, that would be our ugly, barely functioning entry light. I blogged WAYYYY back in the day about seeing this fixture at Home Depot, and I just knew it was "the one". We have a pretty limited budget when it comes to these things and most of what was available in our price range is what I like the call the 'boob light' (don't google that). 

Exhibit A:

We do have a few of these in our hallway, but they don't bother me near as much as the one in the entry. 

I know you are dying to know if my puppy dog eye tactic worked...well, it did (duh). We ended up with the light I had been oogling for about 5 months!

We came home and got straight to work. Well, one of us did. Being married really pays off in these situations! I have to hand it to Mark though, he has learned a lot and done really well in the last 6 months. This was his third light installation and he has gotten really quick too!

It only took him about 20 minutes (and a trip to Home Depot because the jbox housing (?) wasn't included in the box we happened to grab) and we were up and MUCH brighter!

I LOVE it. I love love love love love love love it. I might love it a little bit better than the light he installed over the kitchen sink.  I am so glad we made the change and it looks SO good here! 

Next up, have you thought anymore about what I should do with the ceiling? Check here if you missed that post back in the day!

Are you as glad as I am that we made the change?
Happy Monday!


  1. That light looks GREAT in there! Much better than the boob light! I had forgotten you were planning to do something fun with the ceiling, but it will look even better now with the new light :) I like the idea of painting it. Maybe like a dark teal color? I know I'm partial to blues but I really do think it would go nicely with the decor in there. I also like the wallpapered look! It would be fun to do something really different like that, but definitely a lot of work to remove if you end up not liking it. Let us know what you decide!

    1. Agh so many choices! I think I'll just wait until something speaks to me! ;)

  2. Love the light fixture D! I wouldn't paint it black you loose the effect of your light fixture and door! Love the orange or even that purpley color from your dining drapes! Anyway you do it though I am sure it will be fab!

    1. Thanks girl! Yeah I def won't be painting the ceiling black! I'm thinking maybe something just textured like beadboard. Who knows!


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