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Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm the kind of girl that...

(like Sarah, I just had to add a throw-back pic of me being me!)

-sleeps as late as she possibly can.

-is always rushing out the door for work.

-never has time to eat breakfast.

-loves singing at church

-GETS IT in the car with the radio up

-has horrible will-power over food.

-is an extrovert...

-....That likes to have alone time.

-would rather shop by herself

-always needs something to look forward to in the near future

-always heads to the clearance rack

-is always craving Mexican food

-has slowly turned into a homebody 

-still can't paint her nails properly

-wants everything to go perfectly

-analyzes everything but is typically pretty easy going

-baby talks to her animals

-can't hide her emotions

-will always be honest if you ask her a question

-wants constructive criticism

-likes steaming hot showers and baths 

-loves a pickup game of volleyball

-has a running baby name list on her phone

-just wants everyone to have fun!

-is super awkward with small talk

-LOVES a big, crowded family event

-tries to be original 

-loves goofing off with nieces and nephews 

-hurts when she gets a calf massage at the nail salon

-always changes the recipe when cooking or baking

-doesn't usually want to talk on the phone 

-loves to live a full life!

I saw this post going around the blogosphere last week and thought it would be fun to join in!

Happy Monday!

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