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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Warby Parker

Last week I came home to this fun little box on my doorstep:

After lots of hype and talk about the kind of business that Warby Parker is doing, I decided to check out Warby Parker's Home Try-on program. 

Warby Parker is a cutting edge eyeglass shop that is based mostly online. Their glasses start at $95 including prescription lenses and for every pair bought, a pair is distributed to someone in need. The company is in its 4th year of providing stylish frames at a low price, all while giving back. 

Curiosity finally struck so I went to their website, chose 5 frames, and they sent them to me for free to try on and send back! Even though these are just testers, it was so exciting to get a cute package with all of these fun frames!

My trusty sidekick and I headed straight inside to get this package opened.

Inside were instructions and a packing label for sending the frames back after 5 days (shipping is paid for by Warby Parker).

Oh, I am, Warby Parker, I am. 

Inside were my picks! From left to right:

(not to be confused with potential names of The Bachelor cast members)

Before even trying these on, I thought that the Flannery and the Tenley would easily be the front runners in this race. Read on to find out the results....

By the way, this provided the excellent opportunity for shameless selfies. You've been warned!

First up is the Quimby:

These were my wild card. I chose them for those silly days where you just want to wear some green glasses. I actually kind of liked them, but they were definitely not an every-day wear.

Second: Flannery

I love a good aviator and these weren't bad at all. I really liked the tint and the size of the shades themselves, but I have some really good polarized aviators from Fossil that I think I'll keep wearing! No offense, Warby!

Then there was Ellison...

I had high hopes for Ellison. They seemed cool and retro with the half wire/half tortoise shell type frame. I really like the Ray-ban version of these so I thought these would be good too. Unfortunately, they made my face look all kinds of weird.

Case in point. Denied.

Fourth was Tenley:

I really like the subtle cat eye going on with these glasses and usually they favor my face, but these were super awkward! I liked them when I put them on, but when I smiled my cheeks hit the bottom of the frame and pushed the shade up on my face. It was like they were too big, but also too small...? 

I tried really hard to make it work, Tenley...it's not you, it's me. (not really)

Last up was Reilly. I put Reilly on and it just CLICKED. These were the ones! I love the size, the pattern, the tint, and the fit. They were perfect!

Plus, they made me make this face:

I'm sold.

So, which are your favorite? Do you see the same things I see? If you are in the market for glasses, go right now to www.warbyparker.com and check out the home try-on program! They do prescription and non-prescription glasses and have some super cute frames. The home try-on program is fail proof! You won't be disappointed. 

Summer is coming quickly people, so go to Warby Parker and tell me which frame you love!!!

I was not compensated for this post by Warby Parker.

One more thing! I'm linking up with my SIL Andrea today for Favorite things! 

Thanks to the weather this weekend, my mind is fully set on summer. I LOVE Summer and this warm weather in Texas has me counting the hours to longer days and warmer nights. Here are my picks:

I have been buying these tank tops from Target for YEARS. I like wearing tanks under almost everything because I have a long torso and I'm tall, so nothing ever feels long enough. These tanks are super long, come in a bunch of colors, and keep their shape for a long time!!! I have a million and I rotate them out, but they usually last me about 2-3 years. I typically pick a few up whenever I catch them on sale, which seems like once a month. At $9 or less, you can't beat the perfect tank!

My aunt and uncle passed this Trader Joe's honey mango moisturizing cream shave around as the girls favor at our Christmas gathering. Let me just say that Mark and I have been fighting over it. It is so creamy without being oily and makes your skin feel so fresh! Plus, how great is Trader Joe's?! If you don't have them in your area, you can buy a three pack on Amazon for $10. 

Thanks for reading!



  1. Love your glasses! Warby Parker is so fun! Going to buy some of the Mossimo tanks, like you said, can't beat it for the price!

  2. As a fellow tall girl, I am in LOVE with those tanks too! If you keep your eyes peeled, they sometimes go on sale for $6! LOVE Target! :-)

  3. I actually really like the Tenleys on you! Buuuut I guess the Reillys are a little more "you" anyway :) All of them were good options! The green were fun but I agree with you, not an every day pair.

  4. Love the glasses you chose!!!! I also did a Warby Parker box last year but my head is too small. I went through 3 boxes!! And every single pair of glasses, the arms stuck out through the back of my hair haha!


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