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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We're in!

Good morning!

First things first:

We got our keys!!!! Yes, we have done a full walk-through of the house and it is officially officially ours, if it wasn't already. The sellers left some soaker hoses, pots, a composting bin, leftover paint and tiles, and curtains and curtain rods. Every little extra makes us happy! Believe it or not, we were not looking forward to spending our hard-earned money on soaker hoses!

We have a LOT of work to do, even more so than I originally thought. Of course, most of it is cosmetic like painting or moving light fixtures around, but it will take some time! I'm eager to get started on it tonight so we can move in in a couple of weeks. As we start on projects, I'll share the before and after pictures and the process with you guys. Since we JUST got the house, I don't have more to add right now but tune in the rest of this week. 

In order to not let you leave empty handed, here are some photos from my weekend in Houston.

We ate lunch at Barnaby's Cafe and I had this yummy refreshing lemonade.

We stayed at the Hotel Derek, which had a super modern, funky vibe! 

Here's the birthday girl Emily about to head to dinner!

I really liked this little nook in the lobby of the hotel.

This was the wallpaper in our bathroom. Turns out this is made by one of our former coworkers at David Sutherland Inc. Here is his website

For brunch on Sunday we went to Tiny's #5. It is a popular brunch spot in Houston, along with it's other locations. 

The decor was very European and Restoration Hardware-esque. I'm sure that's part of the reason for the crowd!

This is Sam Houston, a 'founding father' of sorts in Texas. This statue is off the highway in Huntsville. I'm sure I have a photo of me as a little tot by this statue. Not sharing, sorry!

We had a fun time in Houston and I'm glad we all had the time to get together. Emily's actual birthday is next Saturday so go over to her blog and wish her a happy one! 


  1. You should really invite my family over while the house is still empty it is really your safest bet!!!

    1. Christa, you are welcome to come over whenever you want! Just have everyone wear their work clothes and I'll give them PLENTY to do! :)

  2. Ahhh! I know I've already said this about a million times but I can't wait to come see the house!! Thanks again for coming out this weekend! I had a blast and I'm so glad I got to celebrate with all my favorite ladies :)

    1. Come on over quick before everything is completed! Haha! I had a fun time this weekend too, despite the sweltering heat! At least I didn't mention it in my blog! ;)

  3. Awww, we used to love Barnaby's! Can't wait to see before and afters.


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