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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bloggy friends

It will take a few days to make enough progress on the new house to share, so I want to share some of my favorite blogs with you! If you are new to blogging or reading blogs, I can't say enough that you should find a community of blogs to follow. They offer inspiration, new ideas, and fun stories. 

Like I've mentioned before, Young House Love is one of my all-time favorites. I don't remember exactly how I found their blog, but it has been a staple of mine for what I think is about two years. The first post I read was this one. They removed the 'non baby-safe' stove out of their second home. Since then, they have redone that entire kitchen, built a deck, sold the home and bought a new fixer-upper! It really doesn't feel like I've been reading their blog for over two years because I'm always excited about their content. I love that they are down to earth with their posts and explain each thing step by step. I have learned a myriad of new tips and tricks and I tend to not shy away from DIY projects after reading about their experiences. They are always positive and gung-ho and treat their readers like family! They take the time to respond to your questions and even pass on giveaways to their readers because they don't accept "freebies" for their blog. YHL does it right! Here are John, Sherry, and Clara in their blog picture:

I started reading all of these blogs at about the same time, so I've been following most of these for about two years. I like to get my girly fix from Pink Lou Lou. I stumbled across her blog and was overwhelmed with blonde, pink, and Carrie Underwood. While Miss Lou Lou isn't quite my style, I love that she embraces all things frilly, sparkly, and girly and I love reading about her! She is OBSESSED with Carrie Underwood and it's hilarious. I was reading when she started her makeup and hair business and I'm so proud of her! She single-handedly makes me want to visit Kentucky and I admire that she is so close with her sisters. She seems like so much fun, has a big heart, and I love reading her blog!

Another girly blog I follow is Love Meagan. She is a super hip, super beautiful blogger living in California. Recently she and her husband were house-hunting in areas outside of Los Angeles and so they went on little getaways to visit the areas like Palm Springs and Lake Arrowhead. I loved reading about their travels! They ended up buying a home in Lake Arrowhead and it is so beautiful! It boggles my mind that they had snow on the ground practically all winter and they were just about 2 hours from Los Angeles. California is an interesting place! Meagan blogs about fashion, DIY, art, and her battle with infertility. She is an honest, down to earth blogger and I love that about her! 

Of course, more of my favorite blogs are these three that are close to me:

My sister Angela blogs about life, happenings, and of course, my niece and nephew! Angela has a degree in English so her blogs are always easy to read and completely free of errors. :) Everyone in our family knows about her blog and is constantly checking to see pictures of the kids or a funny story! 


Andrea is Mark's sister, and she has a super cute blog! She blogs about our two nephews and new niece Griffin. There are always loads of sweet pictures on her blog!

Emily is an adventurous friend of mine that blogs about everything she finds joy in. She loves to travel and is always dreaming of her next stop. Emily also enjoys fashion and beauty so she shares her tips with her readers! She is new to blogging like me so I'm excited for us to grow our blogs together!


Go check out all of these blogs and check back here tomorrow for more house news!


  1. Okay I've heard so much about Young House Love since you started your blog that I finally added them to my Bloglovin feed! Although I'm nowhere near buying a house, I love reading about DIYs and getting ideas for the future :)

    Thanks for the shout out as well! I love that I have so many friends blogging so that we can all enjoy it together!

    1. Yes! YHL is the besssstttt you will love following them! Their posts are always great. Let me know what you think!

  2. LOVE this!! I just did a post today too showing "blog love!" I'll have to check these bloggers out! LOVE finding new blogs to read!! :)

    1. Thanks, Megan! I'll have to check out your blog and your "blog loves"! I'm glad I introduced you to some new "bloggy friends". ;)


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