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Thursday, July 18, 2013


It's Thursday and we are almost done with the week, so I want to change things up a bit and write a little more 'out of the box'. Today, I want to talk about what I want, what we ALL want: a dream home. 

It takes quite the self-control to reel yourself into 'reality' when looking for a home. We are spoiled with all of these HGTV shows about house hunting and house renovating and house selling, etc that I think we all forget that we can't always get what we want or what other people have. In our case, we decided to buy a little sooner than planned so instead of checking things off of our 'want' list, we had to check things off our 'need' list. 

So I thought I would have a little fun today and find some pictures of what my dream home would look like. Feel free to share your own links or big 'wants' in your next home!

so, this would be my vacation home. Very modest, yes?

I would just HAVE to have exposed beams and a beautiful fireplace in our vacation home. Only the best!

And what is a vacation home without our own lake?

We would stay modest with our main home, a cute "little" bungalow with a front porch.

Or what about a little Frank Lloyd Wright action with this big home?

I would, of course, decorate it myself and leave my own fingerprint!

What would a dream home be without a dream kitchen? Love this!

And, look! Painted wood ceilings and all. :)

Mark and I could have a nice bedroom retreat.

We could have a feminine bathroom at home...

...and a KNOCKOUT bathroom at our vacation home!

The view would be breathtaking.

There would be a lot of grass for our landscapers to keep up with...

....and the pool boy would have some work too!

While all of these would be great for Mark and I to enjoy at some point, all we really need is a roof over our heads. And of all the houses to provide that roof, I'm glad we got this one.



  1. Hey! I have the PERFECT idea... y'all go ahead and buy the vacation home and we'll come over and keep you company. k? good.


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