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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My vision: Entry and Living Room

I haven't shared interior photos of our house with anyone other than our family so far. I'm not embarrassed or ashamed at all, though! I just understand that this home will take some work to make it 'ours' and I don't want people to lose interest if they see the photos and leave it at that. So, I've given myself the opportunity to slowly 'leak' the photos out along with my vision and plans for the future!

First off, we have the entryway. 

It's really not much of an entryway, but it's ours! At first, I was dying to do stripes in here, because let's be honest, I'm obsessed:

But if you notice, the entryway is enclosed by a beam at the ceiling, but other than that, the entry wall continues into the living room. And, while I LOVE stripes, I'm not ready to have them throughout the living room. So I've resigned to do a light grey wall color throughout the entry and living room, and then do something super fun on the ceiling of the entry, since it's already enclosed and an awesome pop of something would be so fun to walk into! I also have dreams of getting a fun light fixture in there, but that might have to wait awhile. My first priority is getting this painting done! I think I'll paint the back of the front door black also, to match the front side. 

Right off the entry, of course, is the living room. Our house is only 1209 square feet, so it's not palatial by any means, but, as I keep saying, it's all we need! First up, as I mentioned, is to paint those walls a light grey. Next is to furnish it! I am soooo pumped to get their giant media center out of there so I can see the other half of the room. Ha, it looks like it takes up that much space, at least! 

As far as furniture, we are moving in with a coffee table, a few small items, and an old dresser that my mom has had for years. It used to be in my sister's room and coordinates with a bedroom suite that we are inheriting, but it is due for a major overhaul. It's done in a french style with a curvy front and legs and ornate handles, but I think it REALLY wants to be a rustic white or black painted TV stand. What do you think? I've got to work with what I have here. Also, Mark and I have had our minds on a nice grey sofa with a chaise lounge (devoid of any cat and dog fur, ugh), so we are crossing our fingers we can get that sooner rather than later. Other than a fridge and some kitchen reno (more on that to come later), the couch is one of the biggest purchases we are planning on making in these first few months. So, if it doesn't come soon, all of you that visit will just have to sit on the floor! 

A few other tweaks will be to paint the brass on the fan an oil-rubbed bronze color and to fix some trim moving from the living room to the breakfast room. It looks like they put in a baby gate and just chopped the baseboard off, so we have to go back and do it the 'right' way with mitered corners and everything. Anyone else feel me on that??

So that's the beginning of the house tour! Stay tuned as I work my way through the rest of the house.

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