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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My vision: "guest" bath

Aren't older homes the best? They have charm, character, and weird layouts. We are lucky enough to inherit quite the odd bathroom situation with this sweet little 1960's house. You see, it has one and a half baths, which is perfectly fine and do-able. Here's the kicker: the half bath is in the master bedroom. 

Say what? Yep, instead of having a powder room or guest half bath somewhere off the kitchen or the hallway, we have that little half version of a bathroom right smack dab in our master bedroom as an 'en suite'. When touring the house, we were surprised with this discovery and it was one of the few things that went on our 'maybe we shouldn't buy this house' list. It would mean that we would have to shower or bathe and store towels in the other bath. Fortunately, we decided that the weird bath sitch would be easy enough to work around and would mean that any future-potenial guests would be able to shower and bathe without getting all up in our business in the en-suite.

So here is what we have worked out: I have claimed the en suite bath as my own and Mark gets the 'guest' bath. I'm not going to go into detail as to why we made that arrangement but just trust that it will work for us. ;)

The guest bath is pretty much on the opposite side of the house. It's a good thing our house isn't too big, otherwise it would be a little awkward. The way it works is all bedrooms and baths are on one half of the house and the living and kitchen areas are on the other half, near the garage. So the bathroom is down the hall to the south side of the house, just in between the office and the breakfast area. Here is a photo:

This bathroom has some great built-in linen storage, which we had at my previous rental and loved, so I'm happy about that. Otherwise, it's really your typical bathroom. There is nothing special about the sink area or bathtub, only that it has been updated since 1960. Believe me, that is a HUGE plus. Here is what we would be dealing with, if not:


While the pink theme is "charming", I'm stuck in a rut regarding the color in this bathroom. I'm thinking something bright and fun like a green/yellow combo, but am not sure! This bathroom has a tiled bathtub area and white bead board, so we don't have that much area to paint, so I think a bold color might work. I have a striped shower curtain that I love so I think that will make the move with us. All this bathroom will need is some paint to get it going! 

Here are some examples of colorful bathrooms, pick your favorite!

What do you think of a red bathroom?

Orange and earthy?

How fun is this?! Love the yellow.

Or some fun green stripes?

I love the modern paneling and color in this bathroom!

Or what about a dose of "arabian nights" in this teal oasis?

Purple? Nah, my sister would think I liked TCU or something!

 What about moody and black? 

 Or, I can stick with classic, crisp white. 

What are your thoughts?


  1. I've really been into crisp clean white lately (I'd like to eventually add in navy and pops of bright yellow) you can change the towels or shower curtain instead of painting when you get tired of the color that's on the wall.

  2. I like the yellow, black or plain white. You can always jazz up the white with bright and cheery accents to add a pop of color!

  3. Call me Brittany but I like the teal! ;) I think it would look really nice with your grey and white towels and shower curtain.


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