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Monday, July 22, 2013

My vision: Master Bedroom

Happy Monday to you all!

We are two days away from closing on our house and we only have two more rooms to cover! I really cannot believe we are this close!

Today I'll share a bit about what we are thinking for the master bedroom. Here is a photo:

The room is pretty straightforward. Like the other rooms in the house, it isn't massive so we will keep it pretty simple in here. All of the closets in the bedrooms are the same size, so one of us will probably have to use closet space from the next room over. There are built-in cabinets to the left of the door when you walk in. I have to admit it is a little odd but I think maybe they were intended as a linen closet or something? Anyway, we will find a good use for them, I'm sure!

I want to continue the grey theme in here but get a little darker, maybe like this:

I just love the peaceful feel of grey walls! This room above has a little bit of a Restoration Hardware vibe going on, which is sweet, but it's not what is going on with our current bedroom decor. I think of myself as more of an Anthropologie-styled person. Here are some of their vignettes to give you an idea of which way I lean:

As you can see, Anthropologie is very 'eclectic'. This has quickly become my preferred design style, because it has a layering effect that makes it super easy to add on new trends and antiques alike. My budget doesn't allow me to buy ACTUAL Anthropologie items, but it is easy to recreate the look with things I find at thrift stores and places like Homegoods and Target.

Other stylish stores I like are Crate & Barrel....

 ...and also West Elm. Both of these have modern furnishings in a nice range of prices. If you ever need inspiration, just pick up a catalog and drool over their products and ideas. 

Here is the bed we currently own that is making the trip up to Richardson:
This bed is from Ikea but I couldn't find it on their website. I bought this when I moved into our duplex with my friend Kelly and I LOVE it. It's super simple yet makes a statement because of the tall headboard and footboard. By the way, Ikea is known for their styling and room transformations using their price friendly furniture and they have plenty of resources on their website. If you want to make a small change and need ideas, check it out!

We also have an Ikea Hemnes dresser that will be moving over with us, along with multiple small items. We are in need of a new comforter, so that might make it on the 'to buy' list sooner rather than later. Here are some items that have made me stop at Target recently:

Of course I'll have to get Mark's opinion on these, so stay tuned for our final choice!

As you can tell, my ideas for this room are almost non-existent except for the grey walls, but I will definitely share photos and tips as I start to decorate. I tend to go with the flow and use what I have to decorate, so my thoughts and ideas will start to perk up around that time. Until then, we continue the wait! 2 days until close!

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