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Friday, July 12, 2013

My vision: Secondary bedrooms

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone has had a good week! Could it be possible that I've posted every day this week? I'm on a roll! 

I'm going to continue where I left off on Wednesday, but I am going to jump around a bit. Next up are our two spare bedrooms. One will become our "office" and one is a tentative guest room slash my craft room...? Not totally sure on the specifics yet, but I'll fill you in on my thoughts for the time being. 

So here is the first room that we are designating as the office:

Obviously, this is the previous owner's little boys room. It is a decent sized room, so we will do well in here. It is on the southeast corner of the house, which is why Mark designated it as the office. He feels it lets in more light than the other room. Fair enough!

I'm thinking about doing this moody teal/grey combo in the office. It will probably be primarily used by Mark, depending on how we set it up, so I want it to be a bit more masculine. Sorry, Mark, this is as close as you're getting to a 'man cave'. 

I helped decorate Mark's apartment when he graduated and moved to Plano and we went for an industrial feel there. It's so trendy right now and I really like it, plus it's alllmooossttt gender-neutral, so neither Mark or I can be offended. It's what Restoration Hardware thrives on! We already have a raw wood desk with sawhorse legs and a few industrial case goods on wheels, so we can easily define the room's style with things we already have. 

One thought I have had is to move a built-in desk in the kitchen into this office. Here is a picture (kitchen spoiler!): 

The sellers put in this random desk in the kitchen. I think they did it because they were about to have their second child so they didn't have an office anymore. The kitchen area is actually quite large, so I admire their use of space there, but this desk and the upper cabinets just seem so bulky and out of place. If they will fit in the office and we can make it work, we are totally going for it! 

So, as far as the guest bedroom goes, my ideas are all over the place. I want to do something fun in here. I'm afraid it's going to become somewhat of a junk room if I don't establish a definite use for it (side eye, Mom!) but I'm still mulling over all my ideas. First, here is the room:

Again, yes, baby's room. So let's go ahead and remove that image from our minds because it's. not. happening. (don't get any ideas, family) 

One reason I can't settle on this room's purpose is because while we are inheriting the bedroom suite I mentioned earlier, we are not inheriting a free mattress. Frankly, that's not at the top of our list of things to purchase so we will probably do without that for awhile. I do, however, have my own desktop computer and might want to set it up in here rather than in the office, if it gets too crowded. Also, my mom has been bugging me for years to take (or borrow? not sure) her sewing machine, but I just haven't had the space in my small apartment. Now, I'll have the space AND a use for it. All of those windows aren't going to dress themselves!

Here are some color schemes and decor ideas I'm liking:

Black and white. Guest Room inspy as seen in @Allison j.d.m D.McT House! & Home September 2012 - Living Large in SM Spaces

LOVE this chair

Small, Colorful Living Room

Use What You Have

As you can probably tell, I'm thinking more color in here. This room is sandwiched between the Master Bedroom and the Office on the east side of the house, so it isn't visible from the entry or the kitchen area. There is a hall that wraps from the entry around the living room and into the kitchen, so you can only view this room from the hallway. I feel more comfortable doing color in here because it won't throw the whole design of the house off if it doesn't necessarily 'match'. Of course, my decorating style will be the same throughout so it will definitely 'blend', but the colors might be a little more bold.

What do my future-potential-one-day-maybe guests think? Ha! 


  1. It is definitely "borrow," and since Richardson is far enough for overnight, better make it a bedroom ASAP. Ha,Ha. Mother

  2. I concur ^ and I like the blue walls in a couple of those pics, paired with black and white. Love the colors; don't go all neutral. Mark's office sounds too boring...


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