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Monday, February 8, 2016

beau andrew | five months

Five months!

The sweet outfit is courtesy of my cousin Anne (much to my mom and sister's delight). Everyone needs a little Feltman Bros. smocking in their life! Monthly stickers are from my sweet Aunt Janet!

Beau is chugging right along at five months old. He is:
-sleeping in this sleepsuit (for the last few nights) and has reverted to doing 8 hour stretches (not complaining, though!) 
-at least 20lbs (no doctor's appointment recently)
-growing...I think he has gotten taller because he seems slimmer (when we all know that isn't true!)
-starting to sit up with assistance...he's so close!

-wearing size 3 diapers and size 3 shoes
-wearing anything between 6-12 months and even some 18 month leggings that were passed down (though all of his pants need to be rolled up)
-rolling over from tummy to back, but can only go left

-learning sign language and already shows excitement when I sign "hungry" and "milk" so I know he is catching on!
-watching 10 minutes or less of Baby Einstein or ASL videos every day. I'm nervous about 'screen time' but he LOVES it and they are really educational.

-sensitive to my mass consumption of chocolate :(
-eating every 3 hours during the day, preferably on the 3, 6, 9 etc schedule because I like to put him to bed at 9. He has tried one tiny finger-tip sized bit of mashed potatoes, but that's it for solids!
-LOVING when Daddy comes home from work. He is his favorite person and has been for the last month or two.
-loving watching Motley and touching her. Motley won't let him get too close, but he has got a feel for her tail a couple of times. 
-jumping in his jumper and sitting in his high chair at least once a day, if not more
-completely into grabbing things and heading for his mouth. He loves hair, necklaces, shirts...anything within reach! Mark and I also both have scars on our faces from where he scratched us (he has an iron grip with his right hand)

-still loving car rides and usually falls asleep. We tried out his new car seat (that I scored a major deal on, of course!) and he loves looking out the window from his new vantage point!
-all about music...any of his musical toys can usually grab his attention
-getting very vocal and making himself known
-looking about 60% like mommy and 40% like daddy these days (according to Mark and I). It's interesting to hear what everyone thinks!

-making diaper changes harder (especially for daddy) because he wiggles and kicks so much!
-just starting to find his feet but hasn't realized their full potential yet
-content to gnaw on his pacis and teethers but most of all, anyone else's hands
-startling at loud screaming and unfamiliar faces when he is woken up
-ticklish on this thighs and sides
-fighting naps but can typically go down in his Mamaroo (LOVING it these days) with mama singing beside it (favorites to go to sleep are "You Are My Sunshine" and the southern 'classic' "You Get A Line, I'll Get A Pole". Mark laughs at the latter!)

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