wonderfully made: weekend recap - the day the girls came to town

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

weekend recap - the day the girls came to town

We started the weekend with some bedhead and crib shenanigans!

Saturday we worked on our tummy time (guess who's rolling over all.the.time now!?)

My friends Heather and Emily got into town from Houston and we headed up to the square in McKinney to soak in some serious vitamin D (it was 75 degrees all weekend!)

Soaked in sunlight and still this cute. He love his girlfriends!

This face cracks me up. It looks like one of my favorite emojis!

The various floors on the square...

We met back up with the ladies on Sunday for brunch and a little retail therapy. I had to get it all out of my system before my month of no spending and I did just that. My credit card needs a break!

After I sent the girls on their way, Mark and I headed north to a neighborhood near ours. The cutest trails and park run through this neighborhood and they have this cool waterfall that we had discovered last year on a long walk. We took Beau back in our new Ergo360 and brought Motley along as well. 

Beau loved his new ride and I loved my new sunglasses!

It was a great warm weekend and I feel so refreshed! 
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