wonderfully made: Travel diaries : Fredericksburg, part one

Monday, August 25, 2014

Travel diaries : Fredericksburg, part one

It was a WONDERFUL weekend in Fredericksburg with these ladies. One passing thought about a trip to the hill country very quickly came and went without a hitch. 

Less than 48 hours in this beautiful area of the lone star state and almost 500 pictures later. I'm breaking up the recap into a few posts. They will be picture heavy, so get ready! 

The girls (Heather, Emily, and Sarah) had a date card from "Chris Harrison" waiting for them when we arrived late on Friday night. They were told to be up and dressed by 7:45 on Saturday morning. Check out the note here on Emily's instagram.

We headed out right around 8 and drove to the secret location. Emily guessed the destination pretty quickly but I never let on. ;) We pulled into Enchanted Rock state park and unloaded the car with a teensy bit of apprehension from a couple ladies. I don't think they knew what to expect! 

Clueless ladies before an epic hike!

Off we go!

Final destination : top of that rock!

We went left for the summit trail!

We weren't the only early birds there.

Sarah & Heather 

We made it to the top!

The best view in the hill country 

We cooled down and took advantage of the photo ops. I mean MAJOR advantage.

It was a pretty steep hike

Lots of big rocks on our way down!

The girls all look like little scavengers here, hehe

I challenged Emily to climb the rock and she had some issues...

Long legs had no problem with it!

Ta-da! Easy.

Don't worry, I had help getting down.

After her second try, Em got up!

Then we kept on going down!

It was TOTALLY worth it to get up semi-early (for a weekend) for this little adventure. We all had a blast! A sweaty, tired, sore, but exhilarating blast!

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