wonderfully made: travel diaries : day trip to Eisenhower State Park

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

travel diaries : day trip to Eisenhower State Park

We made the quick trip up to Eisenhower State Park last weekend to hang out with my family. We made the best of our short time there with hiking, visiting, and some time on the lake, albeit a cloudy day. It was a great August day in Texas! See some snapshots below:

Noah, our junior ranger, at the trail head.

Boys talking shop.

He was proclaiming something here. We weren't listening.

We had to come back to this rock to find more 'diamonds' since Noah lost the first few when he took a tumble. 

My two best hiking friends

Dad, wearing an ensemble in the shade of green. When he pulled those shoes out of the Wal-Mart bag he exclaimed "Ooh! These are nice!"

Best doggy friends (they had already gotten their fighting in)

Noah insisted on being the line leader.

We accidentally crossed the dam into Oklahoma (it was horrible)

Noah is way cooler than me with his mirrored aviators.

I have never once seen Mark gesture like this in the 5 years I have known him.

It was a cloudy day, but the weather was great for August in Texas! We had a lot of fun hanging with the family. Can't wait to do it more in the fall!!!

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