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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Housekeeping - my Etsy shop

I'm going to try not to overwhelm you guys with info on my new Etsy shop, but I do want to pop in every now and then to share some news!

I talked about how I came to start my shop here, and it's evolved over just a few weeks into something more and something different at the same time. I named it "sweetsuits" from the beginning because my intention was to sell swimsuits but I've added a few other things and I don't want to limit myself with my shop name. I've since changed it to "and a little bit of stuff". It's kind of a mouthful, I know, but a lot of shop names are taken and I feel like this one is special to me and fitting of what I intend the shop to be. 

I hear the story at least once a year...when I was little, I was asked what I wanted for Christmas and my answer was "Everything...and a little bit of stuff". I haven't been able to live it down! I think it's perfect for my shop because it was just swimsuits and now it's swimsuits...and a little bit of stuff. I have big ideas for other items to post and I'm loving this new venture because I can do it on my schedule. So keep your eyes open as I'll be posting more and more as I get my supplies in...and spoiler alert : I have some REALLY cute things arriving this week that I think you will LOVE!!! 

As always, you can follow me personally and professionally at all of these places:

Email me with any questions about starting your own shop (it's so easy, and FUN!) or even custom requests.

Thanks so much!!!

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