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Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend wall art

Happy Monday ladies and gents!

First off, how amazing was the weather in Dallas on Saturday??? It was rainy and went from 75 in the morning and dropped all day to about 52 at night. It was the perfect day to layer up, open the windows, and get some work done! That being said, we did ALL the laundry in the house and managed to do some deep cleaning, cooking, and DIY projects. I'll be sharing those on the blog this week, along with a few snippets of our Fall and Halloween decor. Stay tuned! :)

One thing that I am always wanting more of is art or wall decor. I have tons of picture frames and I end up making collages out of those, but many times you need a bigger piece of art in your home to make it more personal. Here's the problem: we're not millionaires. We can't go to an art show and drop $1000 on a piece of art, and even if we did, I would be terrified that my tastes would change and I would end up not liking it. Since my taste does seem to vary often, I'm always keeping my eyes open for some DIY art ideas.

Here are two images that I pinned about a month apart from each other:

Wall pattern
This nursery wall, via Pinterest, is so cool! 

Spray paint a canvas gold, tape down a design, then paint with another color. Cute and easy.
These canvases via Etsy have just the right pop with the metallic peeking through. 

Notice a pattern? I liked these because of the geometric look and it looked like they would be pretty easy to make. Plus, the larger canvas in the second image, from Etsy, goes for $97.50! That's a little steep for a bargain hunter like me, so I decided to give it a go myself.

I looked long and hard for the original photos of these canvases, but I can't find them. I bought a 2-pack of canvases about 5 years ago and painted them when I was still living in the dorms at Tech (so a LONG time ago!) I outgrew them, and was looking for a project and this was the perfect one!

First, I covered them both in gold metallic paint, from the Martha Stewart Home collection.


Then, with 1" painters tape, I marked off my sections (I want the gold to show through, so anywhere the blue tape was, that is where the gold would be) and made sure the wrap the tape over the edges as well, since that will show too.


Once I was happy with my finished product, I mixed black and blue and painted two coats of navy paint over both canvases.

coat 1

coat 2

I did some laundry, checked Instagram, and let the paint dry and settle for about two hours. Then, I slowly removed the tape from the edges to reveal the gold underneath!

Don't be too worried if your paint bleeds through the tape. Embrace it, because this your work of art!

I continued removing the tape, stuck a few nails in the wall, and voila! New bedroom art!

I really like how it brings the eye up. Everything else in the room right now is pretty low, so these help give it more height!

Like I said, embrace your errors! Bleeding above and streaks in the navy below, but it's mine and I love it!

So, what do you think? Would you take the time to do this, or spend $100 for something off of Etsy?

Next item on the to-do list: window treatments in the the Master bedroom! I'm thinking something natural...


One more thing! Please be sure to check out my Etsy shop! I've added lots of things, tweaked some things, and lowered prices on many of my handmade custom items. I hope you can find something you like and I always welcome your feedback. Thanks so much!!!


  1. These look awesome!! You did a great job!!

  2. Wow, these look great!

    Loving the geometric shapes :)

    Hmm maybe...

  3. Thanks Emma!!!

  4. Hi there! I found you through the Good Life blog and wanted to say hi and newest follower!! I love this project! Your bedroom is so cute and cozy :)

  5. how cute and crafty are you?!! what a lovely idea to DIY! looks great. and i'm always obsessing over pops of gold. how perfect!!!


  6. What a great idea! They came out awesome and definitely add to the room! I like the colors too, kind of adds a masculine feel that I'm sure Mark appreciates ;)

  7. I tried to tell you the other day, but I love this!! I don't mind the imperfection but I'm sure you might be able to chip away at the pain that got under the tape with an xacto knife. Either way these turned out awesome!



  8. Thank you! Yeah, I could probably get some of that imperfect paint off. I'll just leave it for now though.

  9. You know, Mark doesn't complain much about the house being feminine. He does have SOME input, haha! Just wait until you see the window treatments I want to do! :)

  10. Thanks so much! I know, isn't the gold just so fun!?

  11. Hi Ashlynn! Thanks so much! I'm glad you're reading!


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