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Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday : long week!

This week has been crazy, but I'm making time for a five on Friday and linking up with April again!


On Tuesday morning I picked up my East Coast coworker Rachel for her 4-day stay in Dallas. 

My boss flew her down to work closely with her on a couple projects plus just to have some fun with us! Rachel had never been to Dallas before so I took it as my obligation to show her around as best as I could. 

We grabbed lunch at Velvet Taco and she was NOT disappointed. She has heard us talk about it constantly!

We all went to dinner on Wednesday at Neighborhood Services and it was SO good! We feasted on three appetizers plus entrees for all and most of it got eaten. It was delicious!

It had a great casual feel even though it was a top-notch place.

Thursday night we headed straight to the Katy Trail Ice House with our boss to enjoy the (finally) good weather and give Rachel the biggest dose of Texas yet.

It's one of my favorite places!

Rachel leaves tonight and I can't wait to hear her take on her trip to Dallas!


Just when I think I'm getting a break, these two come in to play!

Yep, Brittany and Emily (will she ever blog again!?) are heading in to town this weekend to hang out with me and enjoy the State Fair. We have little bits of the weekend planned but I'm excited to just see what happens and let the weekend lead us!


While those two are in town, we took a cue from my sister-in-law Andrea and we are having our own scarf party tonight. I whipped up this silly invite:

...and everyone is so excited! We have a big group meeting at Urban Crust tonight and I'm ready to see what kind of scarves the ladies bring! It's like a white elephant with quality scarves and everyone gets a fun new scarf for fall! Genius, right? 


I have to talk about this place. We've been skirting around it for too long! The scarf exchange is being held there, so it's the perfect time to introduce you to Urban Crust. It's slightly off the beaten path in Dallas because it's all the way up in Plano (about 20 minutes north of downtown Dallas) but it's only about 2 freeway exits up from our house. It is a pizza place in downtown Plano and we discovered it when Mark lived in the area in his apartment post-college. It has quickly turned into his favorite pizza place and my favorite place to go for a good meal, good atmosphere, and a fun time! 

It is a three story skinny building and each floor has a different feeling. The third floor is half bar, half patio and you get the cutest views of downtown Plano from the patio.

Hopefully tonight makes everyone else fall in love!


Other than entertaining all week, here are some things that were on my mind:

Dallas really stepped it up this week and it suddenly became Fall! We've been enjoying the weather and I'm excited about the new season!

Poor Mark. I have barely seen him since Monday! I even did groceries on Monday planning to have dinner made for him every night and have COMPLETELY forgotten to make even one thing for him. I win best wife award.

Oh, I did think of him when I found this AMAZING green purse at Francesca's last night with Rachel. I tagged him and told him it was on my 'wish list'. LOVE it!

I couldn't find it online, but um look at THIS beauty:

That's my five on Friday from this BUSY week. I'm looking forward to a fun weekend with my girl friends and then I'm not doing anything for a long, long, LONG time. 

Happy weekend!


  1. I'm so stoked to spend the weekend with you and Brit! Just half a day left before I get to hit the road to Dally :) I've been looking forward to this for way too long!

  2. so fun!!! and ps that pizza looks AAAAAAMAZING!

  3. Those tacos look amazing!

    Can't wait to see a blog on you guys all hanging out :)

    Hmm maybe...

  4. Ooh just wait, you'll see it soon! ;)

  5. Um, it IS! Stay tuned for drool-worthy (iPhone) photos!

  6. Yay! It was fun as usual!

  7. I think I want to visit Dallas, just so you can take me to Velvet Taco. haha
    LOVE that green purse, and I'm so sad that you can't buy it online anymore. Their purses get sold out online SO fast! I hate it.

  8. Okay, I want to hear more about how the scarf exchange works! I've recently become the "Crazy Scarf Lady" and this sounds like a great way to get new ones! :)

  9. Hey Erin! So, I first heard about this because my sister-in-law started this with her friends. Each person buys a scarf (we had a $20 limit) and we met for dinner. Then we drew numbers and proceeded with a chinese gift exchange. Each number chooses a wrapped gift and unwraps it. If number two likes number ones scarf, they can steal it. Otherwise, they can choose a wrapped gift. This continues and you can only steal a scarf twice before it's "frozen". Everyone ends up with a scarf that they didn't buy! My SIL blogged about it here: http://mcanallyfamily.blogspot.com/2013/09/labor-day.html. Check it out!

  10. Oh, that sounds FABULOUS!!! I think I might have to make that happen! Thanks for the idea! :)

  11. Also, where do you usually shop for scarves? I found a couple at a shop in Wisconsin when I visited my sister last spring and I've found a TON of them (on the cheap) at Sam Moon, but I wonder where else I might find cute ones. I was eyeing one at Target today, but it cost $15.00 and I'm headed to Sam Moon tonight, so I figured I'd wait to see if I can find something less expensive.

  12. My lucky spots are Francesca's and Target. I like to spend under $20 and it depends on the scarf. I'm pretty picky about how 'full' I like them so that narrows down my choices! Francesca's seems to have a pretty good selection. Sometimes I get lucky at Anthropologie and Altar'd State, but many times they are gifted to me! Plus I never buy knitted or crocheted scarves since I tend to like making those myself. :) Etsy is a really good resource with a lot of scarves around $16!


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