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Monday, October 28, 2013

post weekend wrap-up

I guess it's about time I share my weekend with you! 

Friday night I tagged along with Jody as we went to Babe's in Burleson and ended the night with a little bowling action. I missed the chance to take any photos at Babe's simply because I was chowing down on family style fried chicken (it was so good, even the vegetarian gave in...sorta). If you live in the area and love a good home style meal, I highly suggest trying it at least once!

After dinner we headed to the bowling alley where Jody and I single handedly schooled everyone else. They were convinced we were pros. She and I were convinced we were just lucky and everyone else just had a bad game!

On the way home we eagle-eyed this awesome store. The signage ALMOST made us want to go in. Discuont!? It's gotta be good.

On Saturday I treated myself to a little shopping and since I was already out of my way for the outlet mall I figured I should pick up some hay for Motley's doghouse. She stays outside while we are at work and it's starting to get cold in the morning so we piled it in her pink doghouse to keep her warm. I'll share a photo soon. She loves it!

After some down time, it was time to get our scarlet and black on and root for Tech! Kitty tried to help, but unfortunately didn't do too much good. :( It was a valiant effort by Tech but the Sooners managed to win in the end. 7-1 record isn't the end of the world, though!

I joined our local Rec center down the street on Sunday...

..and made it down for some cardio on Monday! I did some time on the elliptical, the treadmill, and the stationary bike. Over 7 miles all together.

Proud of myself for finishing out my workout with a 6 mile ride! It's a start! (Not my TV programming of choice, btw)

This week I'm jetting off to Las Vegas and celebrating Halloween homeowner-style. I can't believe it's almost November already! 

Happy hump day!

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  1. Man, I haven't been bowling in ages!! I used to go cosmic bowling all the time.
    And good for you for working out alot the past few days!


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