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Friday, October 4, 2013

Five on Friday - I'm back!

Happiest of Fridays to everyone!


THIS, people, is why I've been checking my weather app for 10 days straight. It's ALMOST here!!! Hooray to a weekend of wearing long sleeves and scarves without sweating!!! 


Tonight Mark and I are driving over to Fort Worth to see these people and their little bundle of joy. My cousin Adrian had sweet baby Kate about a month ago and we have got to eat her up while they are in town visiting from Austin. I call her "kitty Kate" in my head due to my family's affinity for cats, but I have yet to get approval on that nickname. I'll keep you posted, but I can't wait to see them!!!


You might have noticed, but I did a little update on my blog layout. Not much, since I'm not an html master, but I changed the header and added a pic of our baby on the right hand side. :) I use PicMonkey to edit my photos for my header and it's really simple and easy to use if you're a beginner blogger like me. I highly suggest checking it out if you want to learn as you go!


Mark and I chose to forgo cable TV when we moved to the new house (saving $100+ a month is really that easy!) so we ended up purchasing a chromecast a couple of weeks ago. It's basically a wireless HDMI device that can stream from your iPad, iPhone, or computer so you can watch Netflix, Hulu, and any other video on your TV without having to use a physical HDMI cable. It was about $35 at Best Buy and luckily we had a gift card so it was only about $16 for us. I highly recommend it if you have Netflix or use Hulu anyway, or if you like watching TV episodes in order. We get some regular local channels on our TV but we haven't even bothered with them lately because we have been using the chromecast. I suggest you check it out!


With the addition of the chromecast, Mark has successfully talked me into watching Homeland with him. When Claire Danes won for best actress last year (was it last year? I've lost track of time) we talked about how we should watch it. Mark is big into the popular shows like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, The Wire, etc. so he was intrigued. I was too, but at the time I wasn't making much time for TV, so Mark went ahead and watched the first couple of seasons without me. I'm still bitter about it, but it sounded like a good show and it was a good excuse to use the chromecast, so we started about a week and a half ago on season one and I'm LOVING it! I love documentaries and non-fiction, so this is a little more realistic and interesting to me than something like The Walking Dead. Obviously Homeland isn't a true story, but it seems like it could be and we are loving our lazy evenings knocking out an episode or two. I think we are on episode 9 of the first season. No spoilers please!!!

(honestly I think Jess is GORGEOUS)

That's my five on Friday, linking up with April! Have a great weekend!


  1. Your dog is gorgeous!

    Hmm I was really into Homeland, but the second series lost it for me, I haven't even watched the last episode of the second series because I wasn't that bothered.

    I would say that I know what's going on with your weather, but we use centigrade so that to me looks like you would literally be boiled alive :)

    Hmm maybe...

  2. The updates look great! I have yet to try and take the time to change my page myself so kudos to you haha

    Baby Kate is sooo cute! That should be fund getting to meet her this weekend :)

    Homeland = AWESOME. Now I just need to figure out how to watch season 2

    1. Thanks! It's super easy and I figured I should update since I have more pictures of the house now!

  3. girlie, my hubs + i jumped on the homeland train last year. AHHHH SO GOOD!!!!

    found you on the linkup and happy to follow along now. YAY!

    happy friday!

    1. Isn't Homeland great!? I'm glad I have a blog community to follow along with now!

      Heading over to your blog now, thanks for the follow! :)

  4. I love Homeland! I can't wait for season 2! I'm happy to find someone else who loves it too! New follower. -Andrea www.handandtheheart.com

  5. Your new about me photo is SO cute! You look gorgeous!
    I've totally procrastinated on pulling the plug on cable in our house. But hearing about Chromecast is definitely changing my mind!
    It's supposed to be REALLY hot in So Cal this weekend, and I am NOT happy. I'm jealous of your low-70's!

  6. Oh, Homeland! My husband and I had a marathon for Season One last year, and just spent last weekend devouring Season Two! Thank you, Netflix!


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