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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's fall y'all!

It's October 2nd, so we are already well into fall-talk within the blogger world. Heck, I even know people who have had their Halloween and Autumn decor up for close to a month! I'm not naming names (coughandreacough). With temperatures slowly cooling down here in Texas (mid 90's) and getting nice a nice fall tease (mid 80's) on the weekends, I'm ready to fully commit to the season change. 

Fall :)

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Fall. In my book, though, it's pretty much a tie with summer. I might be one of few southerners that loves the summer, 100+ degree heat and all. There is just such a freedom, newness, relaxation, and adventure about summer. Now that we are in October, though, I'm ready to embrace this new part of the year. I do think I can honestly say October is my favorite month! 

In honor of this new season, I'm sharing some of my favorite fall pins. You can check out all of my pins and follow me here on Pinterest, or just click on the button under my profile picture!

First of all, can Texas please look like this in the fall? Beautiful!

Between exercising, rememer that healthy living consists of #relaxation as well. Take this fall to find peace in your surroundings! #fall #peace

And second on my fall list: layering!

Cute fall outfit. ide only wear the gloves if I was up north tho lol not cold enough obvi

LOVING her cowl here:

enjoy this tumblr

This girl has got pattern mixing and layering DOWN. Love it!


I seriously LOVE these kinds of sweaters. Victoria's Secret sells this style. They are perfect to layer like a coat, but they are super snuggly if it gets really cold. Plus they are long enough to wear with leggings!

Gap tee + belt (similar), SheInside tribal cardigan, J Brand jeans, Sam Edelman ‘Wilma’ boots, Foley and Corinna mid city tote, Asos spike bracelet.this is such a warm cosy comfy outfit ...love it

And I really like her boot socks with that chunky sweater! Curly hair is pretty too :)

This is a cool idea for a centerpiece!

Love this idea for an easy fall decoration. #fall http://thebigclockstore.com/category/blog/

And I love how warm and cozy this feels. LOVE the farmhouse sink in the back!

Fall ~ and I love that table!! =)

One thing that really makes fall special is cooking soup and cooking in the crock pot! Nothing like smelling soup all day :)

10 Soups you can make in the crock pot.

And, last, I just ADORE this American flag blanket. It would be great for summer picnics, too!

NEED this blanket!!!

What are your inspirations during Autumn?

Happy Fall!


  1. Ohhhh I just love fall! And I love that blue white and red sweater, looks so comfy! Perfect for cuddling up as the weather cools down :)

  2. Okay, I'm obsessed with all of these pins.
    And I might be on VS' website about to order that sweater!!


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