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Monday, November 30, 2015

life lately | photo dump part 2

I'm WAY behind. I promised a part two photo dump but even these photos are from a couple of weeks ago! I'll catch up, promise! 

For now, here's some glimpses of our life lately:

feeding (in the parking lot) in the back seat. It's happened more than once! #hungryboyhasatemper

Tummy naps are always assisted.

This is my favorite area in/near our neighborhood. We discovered the coolest waterfall area and park! Coming back in the summer for sure.

Am I the only one that does this? Beau was napping on his tummy in his crib so I sat down in there with the monitor on just so I could make sure he was breathing without having to stand up...#hovermom

Beau got to stay with some of his cousins while Mark and I went on our anniversary dinner. He loved it!

We went to Rick's Chophouse in downtown McKinney. It was DELISH. I'm a horrible blogger and didn't get a photo of both of us together though, so these will have to do.


Flowers from my love.

Beau loves tummy time "beary" much.

I sent this to some family with the caption "oompa loompa oompa-dee-doo" hahaha

We've been wearing Christmas outfits and pattern mixing for a while now...Gotta wear what fits!

The best part about football season? Themed outfits.

Teehee! I love the silliness of this picture as well as those cheeks! 

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