wonderfully made: beau and his first love at 8 weeks old

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

beau and his first love at 8 weeks old

Oh, wait, you're not obsessed with my child and want to see 50 pictures of him in one post?

Oh well, I am and I do! Come back another day and it will be better (maybe). 

Beau is 8 weeks old! He is developing more of a personality every day and we LOVE it! He's smiling and giggling and squealing and kicks his legs all day long.

Ironically, the place he used to hate has become his new favorite. He LOVES laying on his changing table and he will laugh and giggle and squeal at all of the decor on the shelves above him for 30 minutes straight! During one of his fussy spells (crying for over an hour) we finally laid him down here and he was instantly happy. We'll just plop right down on the ottoman and let him play away!

We don't know EXACTLY what is holding his attention for so long but there are quite a few different fun things up there (only slightly different now than when I originally shared his nursery). 

Here's more of the boy and his fox:

Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch! (am I right?) #theofficequote

I'll do a more in depth post next week for his TWO MONTH update, but right now he is just starting to notice things like books and toys. I picked up this toy at a consignment sale and it's his favorite so far. It rattles and makes lots of noise and his eyes get real big. I've also tried reading to him a couple of times to no avail but sat down with this book right before I took these pictures and he followed every single page. I wasn't sure he was seeing it but as I would close the book to turn a page his eyes would follow me. He especially loved the page with the canoes on a lake. He doesn't even know that he was in a canoe on a Canadian lake not that long ago! :)

He's also getting more head control. He is much better when he is being held against your chest or sitting up but he is starting to lift up on his arms too!

Sweet boy. We love him (if that wasn't already apparent)!!!

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