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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

the holidays are here!

Mark took the entire week of Thanksgiving off so we got lots of quality family time in! dmariebuchanan@gmail.com Image Map

From Saturday through Tuesday, we went on Beau's first road trip to visit family in Arkansas. The drive there was about 8 hours and he did so great! We got to introduce him to his aunts and uncles and first cousins once removed and he loved everyone, so that was a relief. :)

We camped out at Withrow Springs State Park. I didn't take enough pictures, so check out my sister's blog for more content, if you're interested! It was COLD so we bundled up! 

The park was about 15 minutes from my grandparent's farm near Berryville, Arkansas. We grew up going to their Christmas tree farm once a year or so and it was one of the highlights of my childhood. They have 120 acres of beautiful country land and the Christmas trees just made it more magical. I know Beau won't ever get to experience the way I did, but I was happy to introduce him to it nonetheless!

When we got back, we spent Thanksgiving day at my sister's house. I sent a text out with this picture, claiming that I had the fat turkey!

She cooked her first turkey and did a great job! The table was really pretty and my nephew had made us all Christmas ornaments that doubled as place settings. Even Beau got one! They were so cute!

I'm always in charge of potatoes as the potato lover in the family so I made some cheddar sour cream mashed potatoes. They look REALLY cheesy here but I promise I used less than what the recipe called for!

On Friday, I was in full Christmas decorating mode! I'm usually not this eager to decorate but I see Christmas in a whole new light now that Beau is here (even if he won't fully appreciate it this year). Mark and I snuggled and played with our little elf after all the twinkle lights were up!

On Saturday we went BACK over to my sister's house for Thanksgiving with part of my dad's side of the family. Her house was PACKED with about 20 people and it was a good time as usual. 

The rest of the weekend was spent at home in our jammies playing and snuggling. 

We loved having Mark home for the start of this fun holiday season! Can't wait to see what else is in store for us!!!

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