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Monday, November 16, 2015

life lately | photo dump part 1

As you know, I take WAY too many pictures. I've been majorly slacking in my blog posts and I know there are a select few that want to see pictures from my life, so I have a two part photo dump (because NO ONE wants to see 60 photos) for those people. Happy Monday!
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Blue Bell is back! 

Mark and I will totally be THOSE parents. #toughlove

I gave these 'flipper slippers' to my nephew Noah when he was born almost 7 years ago. They got passed down and Beau got to wear them! :)

I'm back in the gym and it is feeling so good! I honestly just wish I had more time to go...this mom bod has GOT to go!

I LOVE the sauna at our gym. My phone doesn't.  It was 190 degrees inside. Whoops!

I call this my 'cool down'. Post workout snuggles with my boy!

We are working hard on our tummy time and Mr. Man is getting so strong!

Beau wore his first pair of REAL shoes to visit family a couple of weeks ago and we both loved his outfit!

Here's a mid-nursing shot of our family time:

After bath jammy time!

Beau has discovered camera phones and loves them! He also loves this sitting-up position.

I know about two different crochet stitches and I make these cowl scarves for myself. I finally finished this mustard one and I'm pretty sure it will see a lot of wear over the next few months (including a cameo in our family pictures!)

Nana and Beau at one of our Friday lunches.

My ex-coworker Rachel gave Beau this outfit and it's one of my favorites!

Beau donned his Union Jack onesie in honor of Mark's British friend whose wedding we had to miss this month. We think we had a pretty good excuse for not going, but we still wished we were there!

Ninja baby

Beau is a man of many faces!

LOVE him!

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