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Thursday, January 30, 2014

New addition to the family

I posted a teaser on my five on Friday last week about a chair we had purchased for our living room. All three of the chairs were definitely contenders, but if I'm being honest, I had my eye on one from the start. 

I thought this chair was fun and would offer a good pattern into our otherwise pretty solid home. The price was right, and I liked the casters too, but I wondered if it would go out of style. I could see a cute orange pillow or brightly colored and patterned pillow plopped down to make it the perfect reading spot. Mark, however, didn't love the girlish pattern so much.

I was at West Elm last weekend and stumbled upon this desk chair. It was smaller than the two other contenders, but I LOVED the grey chevron (duh) and natural wood legs. I sent this picture to Mark and he agreed! Neither of us agreed on the price, though, which was about $75 more than the other two, for a much smaller chair. Plus, I've had West Elm dining chairs before and they didn't last long. Also, I can't really bring myself to add any more grey to my living room!

So, there was only one left standing:

We have a LOT of Ikea furniture in our home. I understand the stigma that it holds; that it is for cheap college students and will fall apart easily and quickly. However, we have bought a lot of our pieces knowing what use we want out of them and being incredibly pleased with how they perform. This chair was well priced and seems well made, and it just happened to be the look that I wanted. It feels classic with a hint of modern, clean lines.

We've had a nook in our living room since we moved in that was just BEGGING for a chair. It has bugged me having people over and only having our couch to offer as seating, which makes for awkward moments since everyone is facing one direction (normal for some, awkward for me). After some Christmas money came in and I had a lot of free time on my hands, I went for it and single-handedly maneuvered, purchased, and loaded the chair into my car from Ikea. Yes, I was that girl in the parking lot un-boxing a giant chair and shoving it into my car. By myself. If only I had taken pictures of that!

Here's our chair in it's new home:

It's definitely a red-orange and matches almost perfectly to the window nook in our kitchen. My photos read more red, but it has more of an orange tint than it's letting on. :)

And just for you Ikea-haters, here are some images that prove how great design and great price can mix and produce something beautiful:

(and I thought I loved stripes!)

Also, which deer pillow is better? You be the judge!


  1. Our Ikea story involves me, 9 months preggo, two chairs and a rug trying to get into our sedan when we had a SUV sitting in the driveway at home!

  2. I love ikea! It sucks that it doesn't have a very "grown up" stigma but I've gotten over that after seeing enough awesome Ikea hacks, as well as enough Ikea catalogs ;) That chair combined with your eye for design doesn't read "Ikea" at all! It pairs especially well with that little side table :)


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