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Friday, January 17, 2014

Kitchen light update!

Sorry for my absence, readers! It's been a crazy week and I'm trying to fight off the sickness that seems to be going around as of late...but I'm here with my promised light update!
As a reminder, here's where we started:
Here's where we were the last time we spoke:
And here we are now:
Mark went with me on this and we splurged for the $40 light from Ikea, which I spoke about here. We agreed that it was a decent light, met our needs, and wasn't a huge focal point in the house so we didn't need to make an investment into it.
We both love how it hugs the ceiling and still provides great light. We could even go a little brighter with our bulbs, if needed.

It feels as if a weight has literally been lifted off our shoulders in there. The fan that was there previously was so bulky and hung down at least 18", making the space feel really small. With our new tile, counters, and now the new light, our kitchen feels TONS bigger!
I have to thank Mark for installing the light and thank you guys for all of your comments on my post about our options!
Happy Friday!

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