wonderfully made: Five on Friday: 2014 vol. 1

Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday: 2014 vol. 1

Happy Friday y'all!


I started a new job this week and I'm really liking the fresh new information I'm learning! I switched from residential interior design to commercial interior design to get a change of scenery and some new perspective under my belt. I've always been way more math-minded and I think commercial design is really playing to that strength. I can't wait to see where this  new adventure will take me!


My friend Emily just made the big blog announcement that she is leaving to live and au pair in London in just a few short weeks. I am SO excited for her and only a teeny bit jealous. You think she will get the chance to check out any of these places?

If she's lucky, maybe she'll cozy up to Prince Harry! ;)


That same Emily and our friend Heather are paying me a nice little visit this weekend! They both moved to Houston in 2013 and I've missed our girly chats and frequent dinners. We've got to have a blast this weekend to send Emily across the pond with a bang!

(yes, this is the best I could do. Apparently pictures of all three of us are locked away in a vault somewhere.)


Mark and I are having to replace our vacuum because of the THREE that we have, we can't get a clean floor. I found a Dyson (not sure of the model) on sale at Target the other day and it was about $100 off, but still about $275. I was just looking at it and a woman passing by asked me if I ever had one before. I said no, and she told me they aren't worth it! I've heard really good things about Dyson and I was surprised to hear the opposite from her. Does anyone have a Dyson they LOVE, or one they were disappointed with? We won't necessarily be shopping for one now, but to know for the future is helpful!


Everyone is posting super cute planners this week on Instagram. I LOVE the idea, but I can't imagine carrying a bulky planner (one wouldn't fit in the purse I'm carrying now) or even keeping myself up to date with one. I typically remember everything or I use my Outlook calendar at work or my calendar on my phone. What do you think? Do you use a paper planner, and how does that work for you?

Here are some cute ones:

...and as always, I'm linking up with April for Five on Friday!

Have a lovely weekend! :)


  1. A few of my family members have Dyson vacuums, but the hubs and I used a gift card from our wedding to get a Shark Navigator from Kohls because it had great reviews and was a little cheaper (it was on sale when we got it and it was still a good chunk of change, but I think any good vacuum is). I've been really happy with it, and it does amazingly well getting all the dog hair off everything :-)

    Sally @ Barksandbaking.wordpress.com

  2. I absolutely love my Dyson and it makes vacuuming so much fun - TRUE STORY!! We bought ours half off from Woot.com so they may have some sales coming up!! Its also really good if you have pets - we dont have one - but they get great reviews for that~ Congratulations on starting the new job - I think commerical spaces will be so fun to decorate!!

  3. I have that black and white striped kate spade planner and i LOVE it. It's way thinner than the Erin Condren planners, which I really like. Those EC planners are so bulky! But the KS one is great. I highly recommend it.

  4. It's a beaut for sure! I DIE for black and white stripes, duh! Are you a planner person by nature?

  5. Haha I've never heard of vacuuming to be fun, but I guess it's possible! Half off seems like a pretty good deal, too! I'll have to check that site out. Thanks so much for commenting and thanks for the congrats!! Happy Friday!

  6. We looked at the Shark and I loved that it had the ball swivel! I've heard negative things about it though...Seems like it works great for you! Thanks for commenting!

  7. We LOOOOOOOOOOOVE our Dyson. BIG HEART love it :) We have the "animal" and it's awesome .
    And I bought the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley and am loving it as well. I HAVE to have everything out in front of me on paper. Glad you're loving the new job! :)

  8. i got a dyson for christmas and LOVE it. i seriously look forward to vacuuming ...it's awesome!

  9. Hmm maybe you can get me a Dyson too, then.

  10. That does sound awesome! But...which of your kids qualifies as the 'animal'? haha


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