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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Art collection

This image is floating around Pinterest lately and I just really liked the uniqueness of it and thought it would work really well in our bedroom. I posted some DIY art here that I had done for the bedroom, but I wanted to make it a little more personal and less abstract (plus I'm constantly changing things around here) so I kept this Pinterest image in my mind for a change to come.

I stood in the frame aisle at Target for about 15 minutes trying to decide how mad Mark would be if I spent over $50 on five photo frames (specifically for this project) and ended up deciding it wasn't worth it. I walked out with two frames on sale for $10.48 each, thinking I would buy them in phases so as not to overwhelm my husband. :)

Of course, once I got home I was chomping at the bit to change out the art above our bed, so I improvised. I ended up repurposing the chalkboard hanger that I need to move anyway (it still said "Let it Snow") and found some left over tulle to complete the project. Check it out:

I like to think it's my own original spin on the Pinterest fad. I like it so far! 

I also got around to finally ordering a frame for a print I bought for Mark about 3 years ago. It's a map of Canada with typographic details for each province. Kind of cool, we think! It lives at the end of our hallway now. 

We aren't super fancy or cultured but we like having meaningful art around here! What about you, what do you collect?


  1. Love this!! It looks great! I might have to steal this ideal! I'm not so much into fancy artwork either, but I LOVE finding cute printables with says or images on them. They do a good job of adding something to a room!

  2. I like the new art! I noticed last night that your bedroom art had moved to the living room ;)

  3. ooooh, last night! ;) haha jk!
    Yep, I did some switching around! Maybe one day I'll post pics of my entire updated living room. I don't think I've done that yet!

  4. Thank you! Please do steal it, I hope my blog provides some inspiration!

  5. He doesn't need to know...just tell him you got them from Goodwill. That might be what I tell Jonathan sometimes!

  6. Lol this is GENIUS!!! Unfortunately he studies the bank account... :/

  7. I ADORE your recreation!!! Especially the bows!!!! :)


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