wonderfully made: Five on Friday: 2014 vol. 2

Friday, January 24, 2014

Five on Friday: 2014 vol. 2

It's another Friday! Go link up with April for Five on Friday, and read my five for the week below!


I purchased one of these chairs last weekend for the living room... Which one do you think it was?

Check back next week for the answer!


My parents are coming into town tomorrow for dinner and a little visit (they live about an hour away so we try to plan visits every month or so but usually see them more than that). Like most things in my life, the visit is centered around food. This time we are going to Frankie's, a tex-mex place my dad has been talking about since we moved here. His work buddy has family that lives in the area and they have shared suggestions. Frankie's is in the same shopping center as Shady's, the cute burger place I blogged about here a while ago. Can't wait to see what my parents think of it!


Today my friend Emily takes off for LONDON via Istanbul! Go over here to her blog and wish her safe travels and good luck across the pond! I've urged her to blog WAY more while she is living over there so throw in a word or two for me. 

Also, I'll be accepting donations for our future trip to visit her so just email me for details. ;)


My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and while I typically don't think much of it, this year I keep coming across things that I'd love to have! Mark has gotten tired of my subtle texts, but here are a few things I've hinted at...

Mark has bought me my last two Vera Bradley makeup bags and I really like them! They end up wearing out after awhile and I'm well overdue.

I've been really into shoes lately and I totally swoon over these! Aren't they magical!??

I just about died over this purse when I found a look-a-like at Francesca's...I asked for one for Christmas but didn't get it so now I've moved on to the real deal. Still loving Emerald Green!

I think it's about time for me to upgrade from my iPhone pics to a real camera. I've had my thoughts on a DSLR for a while and I'm starting to really think I need one! I told Mark to buy used and maybe go halvesies with a family member, but we will see...:)

I love my necklaces from J Crew and this one is so pretty! 

...and I almost bought these myself the other day when they were having a sale, but I resisted. LOVE!!!


This was today:

...and this is the weekend forecast. I feel like God is just giving us a sign (in the form of warmer weather) that we better make good use of this weekend! It's back to work and heavy coats on Monday!

Displaying photo.JPG

So, how should I make the weekend productive? What are you guys doing?

Whatever it is, have a happy weekend! :)


  1. those shoes!! my birthday is in feb & those just made the short list haha where did you find?

  2. I know, right?! They are Keds! I quickly tried searching the Ked's website but didn't see them. They are on my Pinterest board titled 'my wish list', check it out and maybe you'll be able to find them! :)

  3. Yayyy today is the day! Get back to selling your cowls for extra money so you can visit :P I think you know my pick for your gift...definitely the camera! Although I really love both of the shoes :)

    If it helps with the Keds, they look like they were part of the Kate Spade collab. I think they still have a similar pair but the glitter is pink instead of gold.

  4. Those shoes are soooo magical indeed! PERFECT word for them!!!! xx

  5. Here's a simliar pair... http://www.keds.com/store/SiteController/keds/kedsxkatespadenewyorkchampionglitter/5-178730/catId/cat5960258/stockNumber/WF49738/skuId/***5********WF49738*M075/subCatId/cat5960258/showDefaultOption/true/productdetails

    So cute! :)

  6. I hope you bought the first chair!! It's so pretty!
    And I want those glittery shoes! I'm not usually a tennis shoes girl, but I would definitely rock that pair.
    Have a good weekend with your parents!

  7. I have so been wanting a pair of those shoes!!

  8. I love the glitter shoes! You can never have too much glitter!

  9. Thanks! Now that everyone loves them, I want them even more!! :)

  10. Aren't they adorable?! I have to get some STAT.

  11. Check my blog Thursday for the update! That chair is a charmer, though. ;)

  12. Magical, ahhhh :) I'm sure they are even better in person!

  13. TODAY! (actually it was a while ago bc I'm late on replying).
    You can throw some money into the pot for the camera! And while you're at it, put some of that in the travel fund, too. :)


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