wonderfully made: travel diaries : Fredericksburg, Texas part three

Thursday, September 4, 2014

travel diaries : Fredericksburg, Texas part three

After lunch, we all headed back to the house (more on that next time) and showered to get ready for the more 'clean' events of the day. Fredericksburg and the hill country in general is climbing the ladder on top wine locations so we had to check it out and become informed. We headed to Grape Creek Winery, the most picturesque place I could find!

After some convincing, we decided to forgo the normal wine tasting and take the tour, which included tastings. We were taken to their production facility and learned all about how the wine is made. The geek in me was freaking out!

Many of their grapes come from Lubbock, another place near and dear to my heart - and obviously good for wine grapes (among other things). 

We then tasted wine right out of the barrels. It was super interesting to taste the difference between the different kinds of wood barrels and how many times they were used. All three barrels that we tasted were the exact same wine but held in different types of barrels and they all tasted completely different. It was crazy!

We then headed into their private tasting room and chose the different wines we wanted to taste. Our hostess, Ashley, was super informative and gave us lots of tips on things to do and see in Fredericksburg. She even took some pictures of us!

The weather was PERFECT and sunny and warm, so we sat on the patio a little while later and enjoyed a picnic I had packed. It was so refreshing to relax in this beautiful place!

One more post wrapping up our "girl's trip 2013 (we KNOW)" to Fredericksburg, Texas!

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