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Monday, July 28, 2014

Master bathroom update

I've gotten a little further on my bathroom (located within our Master bedroom) and since it doesn't get much love here on the blog, I thought it's time to share my progress!

This was the tiny picture we had to go on when we bought the house:

One of the first things I did when we moved in was tearing out that vanity mirror. The bathroom is already TINY and the mirror made it feel even smaller since it was deep to accommodate storage. 

I already had this Ikea mirror that fit really well and makes the bathroom seem bigger, I think. I still haven't figured out a solution to the lights. They are super strong and make the room get really hot. Plus, the back plate is gold. I don't really like many options out there though, so I'm open to suggestions!

Here's my view from our room. Notice anything?

Yep, the ceiling is pink. I wanted to do something funky yet keep this room nice and bright and open, so I opted to girl-ify it with a light pink ceiling. It's super light and you can hardly tell in person, but its fun and crisps up the room a little. This is MY bathroom, and I think the pink discourages Mark from using it sometimes. :)

Everything else is pretty much the same. I picked up a fun floral towel at Target for even more of a girly touch and I hung a flower print above the towels. 

Mark gave me the clock above as an anniversary gift (1st year is clocks) and I love having it there for time checks in the morning as I'm rushing out the door. 

The only thing (other than the vanity) that bugs me in here is the ugly tile. I've thought about painting it but haven't found enough inspiration photos to give me the confidence, plus it would put me in the same resale dilemma as this issue did, when the time comes to sell our house.

So that's my bathroom in a nutshell! It's about the same size as one, anyway! 

Happy Monday!

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