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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Venus Trapped in Mars

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Favorite pet I ever had
-The current pups, Motley, Motters, Mo-mo, Momosita, Momolicious, Momosa, Motts, Mo.

Favorite car I’ve owned
-Sporty Spice, my current car, a Kia Sportage. Even after this happened. :(

Favorite meal out, ever
-Ooooooh ok this is hard. Ummmm I had a really great deep dish pizza AND (at another meal) an amaaaazing chicken parmesan in Chicago. I'd have to say the chicken parmesan was the best ever. SOOOOO good.

Favorite food I’ve cooked
This simple one pot chicken alfredo is pretty dang good.

Easy One Pan Fettuccine Alfredo - even the pasta cooks in the same pan!

Favorite food from childhood
All of the sugary foods that my mom never let me have live Gushers, Fruit loops, etc.

Favorite movie of all time
Hmmm. also hard. I like Anchorman, and musicals, and things like The Holiday. No favorites though.

Favorite book of all time
The Harry Potter series! They are what got me into reading when I read them about 7-8 years ago. 

Favorite item category to go shopping for with a girlfriend
Hmmm I'm not big on social shopping but I'd have to say just window shopping/browsing accessory stores (like in Bishop Arts) is my fave.

Favorite day out – what, where, with whom
Out on the lake and to a patio dinner with friends and family!

Favorite color
It always changes, but I'd have to say red-orange and fuchsia right now.

Favorite artist
As in art, or as in music? I don't know that I have a favorite for either...I do love me some Mumford & Sons. Does that count?

Favorite song
Ugh. This is way too specific. I don't know!!!

Favorite paid entertainment I’ve ever seen
John Mayer

Favorite hobby activity that makes me get lost for hours
Blogging, when I get into a groove. It's so much fun and really fulfilling!

Favorite skill (past or current)
I played French Horn for about 8 years and I really enjoyed that. I wasn't the best by far, but I feel like I was pretty good!

Favorite advice I’ve ever been given
Don't use credit cards. Really, people, don't. You'll stay out of a lot more trouble and lose a lot of stress that way.

Favorite advice I’ve ever given
Well, I give a LOT of advice...haha ummm I'd say my best advice is to NOT TEXT A GUY FIRST! See my explanation above, because it applies here as well.

Favorite year of the best birthday I ever had… and why
Easy. Barbie birthday when I turned 5 years old. AND fell asleep before the party started. 

Favorite natural wonder I’ve ever seen
The Na Pali coastline in Kauai.

Favorite close call I’ve ever had
We had a serious icy winter a few years back in Dallas and my employer at the time didn't believe in closing the office (our restrooms weren't working) so I had gone to work. I drove a little Chevy Cavalier at the time and I didn't have lunch so I had to go out to get some. As I was coming back, about to enter the highway (but still going rather slow), my car lost traction and started careening towards a guardrail, which happened to be 'guarding' the drop off on the small bridge I happened to be on. I screamed and did the whole turn your wheel thing and finally regained traction about 12" before I hit the rail. I just sat there stopped for a minute. It was scary!

My favorite flower – purchased

My favorite flower or plant – personally grown
-my blue/turning pink Hydrangea in our front yard!

My favorite hair day ever?
-back when I had hair. :( see post from Friday.

The most favorite gift I’ve ever gotten – what and from whom?
-Hmmm this is really hard! When we first started dating, Mark bought me tickets to see John Mayer in Austin, so that was fun. I also got my DSLR for my birthday this year and I've loved having that!

Favorite unusual pet I’ve ever had
We had a turtle once named Diddly Squat that was pretty awesome. He successfully escaped the jaws of our dog Lucky 1 out of 2 times...

Favorite outdoor smell
-Campfire, easy!!!

Favorite Saturday night ever?
-well this is specific...ummmm I don't know?!

My favorite non-relative adult growing up
-Hahahah these questions are hilarious. Non-relative adult, hmm? Well my first grade teacher (Miss Purdy) was pretty awesome and she always remembered me when I ran into her around town. Even to this day!

Favorite TV rerun I could watch 50 times?
-the Office : beach games

Favorite item no one knows I own?
-What? Um...my uncle gave us our own stars when we were younger?

Favorite competent activity I do?
I really like to play volleyball, but haven't in YEARS!

Favorite food item I can never run out of?
Macaroni and cheese, always.

The favorite picture I’ve ever taken?
This is kind of the worst quality, and I guess my friend Terra actually took it. But I really like it for some unknown reason!

Favorite secret I still safeguard? (don’t reveal it!)

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