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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Commitment issues

People of the Internet; I need your help!

Wayyyy back in 2013 when I started blogging about our home adventure, I mentioned how excited I was for a fresh, crisp white bed and this cute orange throw. I have loved the simplicity of it over the past year (I know! a whole year!) but unfortunately my husband has not. We are horrible animal parents and our dog is "mistreated" (to steal the words out of my former neighbors mouth - yes, I'm still bitter) so much so that she sleeps in our bed, usually between us and curled up as close as possible up next to/on us. She lives a double life and spends her days as an outside dog so you do the math. Dirty dog + white bedding = grungy, not crisp. It's not HORRIBLE since I bleach it every now and then, but it's not pretty.

Anyway, Mark has muttered his disdain so here I am, trying to find new bedding. We've been using the comforter shown here, which is fine and hides the dirt well, but I know deep down its by Steve Madden "teen' and I can't get over the somewhat immature feeling it gives off.

I've brought home 2 comforters/duvet covers and since returned them, and even had one in my cart until the very last minute, but I'm pretty sure shopping for duvets is the hardest thing EVER. Worse than childbirth.

I'm going for a grown up eclectic look in our house, with some layering and relaxation thrown in. I want something that doesn't overpower the room but that will also hide some of the dirt that the dog brings in. I also love having a throw at the bottom to break up the giant piece of furniture in our small room, as well as lots of different throw pillows at the head of the bed.

Here are some that I'm liking:




See why I went with white in the first place?

I actually have some new favorites after putting these all in one place. Hopefully I can make a decision ASAP! Unfortunately a couple of these are on final sale, so I'm super hesitant to make a purchase, especially considering my duvet commitment issues!

Please lend me your thoughts on what you think I should do! Thanks!

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