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Friday, July 4, 2014

Traditions - Happy 4th of July!

I went to look for July 4th photos from the past on Facebook and I was met with allllll of these below. So yeah. I'm over sharing a bit today. 

July 4th (or 4th of July if you like saying it that way) has always been a HUGE deal in my family. It is one of the major holidays for us, on par with Thanksgiving and Christmas. We probably have the most set-in-stone plans for July 4th over all of the other holidays.

Growing up we always did the same things: Arlington Parade in the morning with donuts, lunch at Chili’s with all parade attendees, swimming (first at my aunt’s house, now at my parent’s), and fireworks at night. Once my sister started dating her husband, we joined in on the large soiree known as ‘party at the Redman’s’ that involves fireworks, way too much food, and lots of people. It’s usually the highlight of the year! Then about 6 years ago my sister ruined it forever (jk Angela) when she broke her ankle while 5 months pregnant at the party. The Redman’s got a little gun shy about the hordes of people and general chaos, so now it seems to be a smaller party every other year or so. We then replaced the party with a night at Concerts in the Garden in Fort Worth. 

Phew. Just thinking about all of those plans overwhelms me!

Now that we are older and a solid 1 hour drive from most of those festivities (which take place in Arlington and some back country town called Rendon), we have to choose our events. We’ve opted out of the parade the last few years and will do so again this year. Mark and I are changing it up a bit and I’m excited to let today be a relaxed but super fun day to celebrate our independence. Whatever we do, we will celebrate in style! I hope you get to spend time with family and friends on this great day!

Happy fourth of July!!!







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