wonderfully made: Girl's trip is in the books!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Girl's trip is in the books!

The girls and I are finally getting together for a proper girls trip. We (quickly) made plans to head down south to Fredericksburg, Texas for a relaxing weekend in late August. Never heard of Fredericksburg? Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in!

Much like Palestine, Fredericksburg is a small town in Texas packed with personality. Though even smaller than Palestine at around 11,000 occupants, Fredericksburg has hit the tourism jackpot. It’s an old German town that is not only known as the peach capitol of Texas, but it also boasts herb farms, lavender fields, and tons of wineries! Thousands of visitors flock there every year for festivals, wine trips, German fare, and antiquing. 

Fredericksburg is over 4 hours from Dallas on small windy back roads, but I’m almost as excited for the drive as I am for the weekend events! It is truly in the hill country of Texas and the rolling hills and country roads are calling my name. I can’t wait!

Here are just a few pictures hinting at what might be in store for us:

This trip can't come soon enough! Be sure to check back for a recap! :)

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