wonderfully made: Thursday photo dump and Favorite things!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday photo dump and Favorite things!

I've been running close to empty on blog material lately and I realized that even more when I looked at my photos on my phone from the last two days:

(I take a lot of photos for work...hence the multiple shots of leather)

And this amazing collection of grumpy cat, late night traffic and cat photoshoots.

I did manage to find these photos from Sunday when Mark and I were looking at trees for our yard. As I mentioned in my fall bucket list, I want to plant a tree in our yard! Mark gifted me with a "good for one tree" note for or anniversary so we've just got to decide on one and get it in the ground!

We really liked the red maple and the autumn blaze maple. We want something that changes colors in the fall and both of those seem to fit the bill!

I also snapped these photos from my desk in the guest room. We moved the shelf the previous owners left to the other side of the room and I'm loving it! 

I also noticed how much I like the mix of the soft grey in the hall (dolphin fin by Behr-love it!!!!) and the minty green in the guest room. Don't mind the dog toy. ;)

One more thing, I dyed my hair! It typically gets a little unintentionally ombré in the summer so I just grabbed a medium brown box dye and went for it!



It's not much darker, but it's all one color! The roots turned out a bit ginger if I say so myself but it's subtle and I kind of like it. Shhhhh...

Well that's it for my photo dump. One more thing, though! I'm linking up with my sister-in-law Andrea and her friend Erika for favorite things.

The instructions were to post our favorite thing under $10, so I've got to share this Essie nail polish with you:

I've never been great at painting my nails just because I can't still long enough for them to dry. I've tried other rapid dry polishes with no luck. About two years ago I 'splurged' and bought this $8 Essie "good to go" top coat and I LOVE it! It literally dries in about 30 seconds and leaves your nails looking shiny and wet. It's totally worth the splurge, you won't regret it!

Go get this polish and have a great Thursday!


  1. Putting that Essie top coat on my Target wish list for when my shopping freeze is over.
    And I LOVE that red maple tree that you picked out!! Those leaves are gorgeous!!

  2. your hair is pretty!! and i love red maples! planting trees is so fun to see them grow over the years!

  3. Thanks girl! I can't wait to get a tree in the ground, but I'll have to wait a year to see the colors!

  4. DO IT! It's totally worth it.

  5. Picking up the top coat today! I'll keep you updated :) Thanks for linking up!

  6. That red maple is gorgeous! I hope y'all go with that one :)

    I love fast dry top coats! I use a different brand but it does the same thing and my nails would never be painted if it weren't for that haha

  7. Oh my I love a quick dry nail polish! Will have to check this out!

  8. Your hair is just your secret tribute to your first love, Andy Dalton.


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